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/.../ indicates thoughts.

//...// indicates memories, dreams, you get the idea.


"Kora! Wake up!"

The boy moaned as he opened his violet eyes. He winced as sunlight streamed in through the curtains and hit his still tired eyes.

"Kora! I swear, if you don't get your tiny little ass out here now, I'm gonna grind you into Kiko shit!"

The boy finally sat up, brushing his jet black locks of hair away from his face. "I'm getting' up already!!" he yelled out the open window.

His twin brother, Seirou, grinned, his bright red hair covering most of his ruby red eyes. "Well then hurry up!! You said you wanted to visit the lake!!!"

Kora stuck his tongue out at his brother, then quickly ducked his head back in. He grabbed a black shirt, and a pair of jeans. Then, on second thought, grabbed his two daggers.

The black smith had given him and his brother a pair each for their last birthday, since the woods were rather dangerous.

His mother had objected of course. Her argument was that daggers were not for her 'sweet little angels.'

Kora chuckled. For an angel, Seirou did have a colorful vocabulary, one which he was passing on to his twin very quickly.

The boy turned to look himself over in the mirror.

His black shirt had no sleeves, but had a high collar that could cover some of his chin as well, and was zipped at the front. Two white stripes were bordering the zipper, the sleeves, and the collar. His jeans were a bit worn out from use, and hugged his lower body tightly, much to the enjoyment of the girls in the village.

His sneakers were also pretty dirty, but he could care less.

Kora quickly ran down the stairs, intent on giving Seirou a punch in the face for annoying him.

Seirou ducked Kora's punch, and began grinning again. "I take it you're awake?"

Kora grunted, then asked jokingly, "Are you trying to get all the Kiko's to chase you?" pointing at his brother's shirt.

Seirou was wearing the exact same outfit to Kora's, except that his shirt was red with black stripes.

The red haired boy stuck his tongue out at his twin. "Kiko's are too scared of me!"

Kiko's were bull-like creatures, except that they had three, bright blue eyes, and the males had shaggy black coats. Some could be tamed, but most ran wild in the woods. They were highly valuable since their stomach's contained jewels and indestructible weapons. Along with this, was the fact that their milk could cure almost any sickness.

They also had a certain liking for red, and most of the females had dark red coats. The males tended to mistake humans wearing red for female Kiko's, so quite a few travelers ended up in rather, sticky, situations. (I'll leave the rest up to your sick imaginations. ^_^)

Seirou brandished his daggers, "I'll gut any Kiko that tries to fuck me! And I'll get away with some money!"

The daggers were wickedly curved, and were also rather wide. A round jewel was at the base of the blade, Kora having amethysts, and Seirou having rubies. The handles were tightly wrapped with soft, black leather, so that the boy's wouldn't end up with blisters on their hands.

All of a sudden, Seirou lunged at his twin with his daggers. Kora grinned viciously as he dodged the attack, and sliced towards his brother.

They both parried each others attacks for a few minutes, until their blood was warmed up enough. Then Seirou called for Kora, "Let's go! Mom wants us back before lunch for our chores!"

Kora nodded, then began running behind his twin, heading deep into the woods. They knew where they were going, so they took their time, occasionally slowing down to enjoy the peacefulness of the lush green forest.

Suddenly, all peace was lost as a large, male Kiko thundered into them. His large golden horns were sharp, and Kora doubted that he could get away alive.

He yelled at his frozen twin, "Get up a tree dammit!!"

Seirou did as he was told, watching with horror as his brother began leaping from branch to branch, gaining on the wild beast.

Kora jumped high, and landed on the Kiko's back, and drove his dagger in between the shoulder blades.

The beast roared with anger, since the small dagger had not gone anywhere near his heart. Kora gritted hi teeth, then, with his remaining dagger blade held by his teeth, leapt onto the Kiko's head, carefully trying to avoid the horns.

He wrenched his dagger from his teeth, then stabbed down, deep into the Kiko's scull.

Kora was thrown back and into a tree trunk by the bucking of the Kiko's head. He coughed up a few drops of blood, and wheezed, trying to regain his breath.

The beast he had stabbed was slowing walking around in circles now, it's eyes rolled back, and it's head leaning towards the center of the circle.

Finally, it collapsed into the dirt, and the heaving of his chest stopped.

He was dead.

Seirou jumped down from his tree, and ran to his brother. "Kora! You okay?"

The black haired boy wiped the blood off his face with a shaky hand, then glared at his brother. "I was just thrown into a tree by a fuckin' full grown, MALE, Kiko!! I've just managed to get my breath back, and stop coughing up blood! But other than that, I'm just dandy!"

Seirou winced, then grinned. "So I take it you're fine."

Kora laughed, then winced as his tortured lungs reminded him of his ordeal.

"Can you get my daggers?"

Seirou nodded, then ran off to do as he was told. He wrenched the two blades out, having to brace one foot against the dead animal to do so. He wiped the blood off on the dirt, then returned to his brother.

Kora took his daggers, and asked, "You going to gut it or what?"

Seirou thought for a moment, then asked, "Shouldn't you? Seeing as how you killed it and all?"

Kora raised his slender black eyebrows. "Sei, have you gone blind!? I can't even stand up right now, and you expect me to gut some stupid animal!?"

Seirou rubbed the back of his head, grinning sheepishly.

He walked back to the dead Kiko, then unsheathed his daggers. He quickly made a large slit on it's side, then split the cut open.

He wrinkled his nose as he smelled the gastric juices, but got quickly to work. He had done this before, whenever the hunters brought back a Kiko that needed to be gutted.

He reached his hands in, and made a slit in it's now exposed stomach. Immediately, nuggets of gold, large pieces of precious stones, and weapons came pouring out.

Seirou went through the whole lot, then something caught his eyes.

It was a normal looking black sheath, with two handles sticking out at both ends. Ever so curious, he took the black object, then took it over to his brother.

Kora opened one eye when he heard his brother's footsteps approach. All of a sudden, both his eyes opened wide as he stared at the black sheath. It seemed as if lightning was running through his body, jolting him awake.

Seirou dropped the object, then knelt at his twin's side, concern etched all over his face. "Kora? You okay?"

The addressed boy nodded silently, and reached one hand towards the abandoned black sheath.

Seirou picked it up, then handed it to his brother.

Kora seized the two hilts, then yanked them out. The two boys gasped when they saw the blades.

The hilts were connected to two blades that were shaped a bit like their daggers, except that they hand a strangely sharper edge, and were slightly longer. They also seemed to be more wickedly curved. The blades were a purplish black color, but the colors kept shifting into each other, so it was hard to tell.

Seirou shivered. The daggers for some reason made him feel cold, so he returned to the treasure, and shifted through it some more.

Kora was struggling to remember what the black smith had told him years ago. He immediately envisioned himself in the forge, sitting on the work table next to Seirou, watching the well muscled man hammer on a cherry red piece of iron.

//"Sometimes, one or two of the weapons that are found inside a Kiko's stomach are meant for one person. When that person has found that weapon, they can become the best fighter in the land. There are, I think, eight elements that are born every sixty years. Darkness, Light, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Lightning, and Ice. The possessor of each elemental blade gains magical powers of that element. Pretty cool, eh kid?"

The six year old Kora had asked curiously, "How do you tell if the weapon's yours??"

The man had laughed, and answered, "You'll just know. That's all I can say!"//

Kora stared at the daggers in his hands. Judging by the color, he'd guess that these were of the Darkness element.

Seirou gasped out loud, causing Kora to snap his head up to stare at his twin.

Seirou was holding two gleaming daggers, very much the same as Kora's, except that his seemed to be shaped like flames. The metal was a deep reddish orange color, and seemed to shift between orange to gold, and back to red again. It was obviously a Fire element.

"K-Kora! I-I think I found an element!" he called from his spot.

Kora gave the boy a lopsided grin, and slowly walked over, wincing slightly with each step. His ribs were still damaged slightly.

Seirou looked up at Kora with wide eyes. "Do you know what this means!?" he asked hoarsely.

Kora raised an eyebrow. "Cut the crap and tell me already."

Seirou glared at his twin, then began talking. "Every sixty years, six element holders are chosen by the creator, Quedo. So, if they stay apart for too long, disasters begin to occur!"

Kora sighed, rubbing his temples. "I know the legend Sei. Now can we please go to the lake? I wanna go swimming already!"

Seirou glared some more at his brother, then finally agreed. He turned to their new treasure. "what are we going to do about this lot?"

Kora grinned, then produced a small brown ball. Seirou stared, then grinned. "You brought a sack just in case?!"

Kora nodded, then threw the ball onto the ground. It exploded, then, when the dust had cleared, the found a large, well made, sack lying on the ground.

The quickly stuffed their new property in, then tied up the sack.

Kora nudged it with a foot, then it seemed to roll up, and into the small brown ball that it was before.

Kora tucked the ball into his pocket, then turned to his twin. "Well? Let's get going!"


The lake was vast, and beautiful.

Kora sighed with relief, unzipped his shirt, yanked it off, and jumped into the clear, ice cold water.

Seirou shook his head while he chuckled. "Oi! Baka! Why didn't you bring your trunks?"

Kora surfaced, and glared at his twin. "Well, let's see... A moron woke me up, and put me under the impression that if I didn't get outside in a matter of seconds, he'd leave without me!?"

Seirou laughed nervously. /I guess it was my fault.../

He didn't notice his brother sneak up behind him, still drenched, until he was pushed into the lake.

He surfaced with a gasp, and began yelling all sorts of profanities at his brother. He usually walked by the taverns at night, so he learned quite a few obscenities that could make the hardiest man begin to blush or get sick.

For now, Kora was turning a bit green.

Then, the violet eyed boy noticed something.

A bright light seemed to be shining from behind the waterfall.

Entranced, and curious, Kora dove back into the water, and swam under the cascading water.

His brother looked quizzically after him, then shrugged, and followed.

They resurfaced, and found themselves face a tunnel, that was half in, and out of the water.

They glanced at each other, then began swimming into the tunnel.

Kora swam ahead, seeing as how he was the better swimmer, leaving Seirou slightly lagging behind.

/Why do I feel like I know this light?/ Kora wondered, swimming strongly on wards.

Suddenly, they arrived at the end of the tunnel. There didn't seem to be anywhere else to go.

Seirou kicked in frustration, and his foot didn't touch any earth, instead, when he looked down, he found that there was a hole in the wall.

"Oi, Kora! Look!"

His voice echoed eerily in the enclosed space, and Kora quickly dove down, and through the hole.

His head came up, and he found himself looking at a cavern. He squinted his eyes, and saw a girl lying on her side on the shore.

Kora quickly swam up, and jumped out of the water, and ran to the girl.

He felt his breath catch in his throat when he saw her face.

She had the most perfect features the boy had ever seen in his life. Two green lines that curved at the ends were drawn on her cheeks. Her long, dark blue hair was scattered all over her body, and her face, and two shorter locks, that seemed to make a type of fringe, were a shade of pale turquoise. Her pale skin was perfect, and she had green tattoos running all over her arms, and legs, and a bit on her stomach. She was wearing a white tank top, and a white skirt. Her feet were covered by (you guessed it) white boots.

Seirou walked over to where his brother was leaning over the girl. "Who's that?" he asked, clearly clueless.

Kora answered, "I don't know..."

He then noticed her staff. It was made out of silver, and had a scythe attached to both ends. (Any of you seen saiyuki? Well, the blades are linked to chains like Gojyo's weapon.)

Kora reached out a hand, then gently, shook the girl's shoulder. "Miss? Are you okay?"

Her eyes fluttered open, and Kora could now see the miss matched colors. One was green, and one was blue.

She sat up, and looked around. "Where am I?" she asked.

Kora answered for her, "You're in a cave that's sort of attached to the lake of Huille. We're from the village of Huille."

She stared at his face, then asked, "Do you have an element master in your village?"

Kora looked at Seirou, then nodded. "Yeah, I'm of the Darkness element, and my twin, Seirou, is of the Fire element. But, we just found out today. Why?"

She stroked her weapon. "Because I am the Light master, and I've been sent to gather all the element masters to save our world from mass destruction."

Kora and Seirou both blinked. "Hah???"

She smiled. Kora felt his heart melt at her beauty. "My name is Juna, and I was sent from the Crystal City to gather all the elements."

She looked from Kora to Seirou, and asked, "What are your names?"

This time Seirou answered. "My name's Seirou Nall and this is my twin brother, Kora Nall."

Juna smiled. "Three down, five more to go!" She jumped up and began dancing happily.

The boys began laughing at the display. She stopped, then pouted at them. "Whaaaaaaaaat??? What's so funny!?"

They couldn't stop laughing, and pretty soon, Juna joined in as well.


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