Rough Water
Joelle D.H.

I used to be a small creek
With a conscience liquid clear
I'd weave gently 'round my problems
With no anger and no fear

But recently from loss of friends
A deadly waterfall's formed at my end

Cuz I'm a
White-water river
I'll smash you against my rocks
Yes I'm a
Deep sea-green ocean
You better stay away
I'd flood any day
And really blow my top

First you pollute my water
Then you blame me for poisoned drink
I used to have fun visitors
Now my depth's as black as ink

I want to drown you in my deep seas
Erode you with my wrath
No one can dam me up with ease
A tsumani's come from just a splash

Now I see you hiding underneath my hill
I'll cause landslides and be harsher still

Cuz I'm a
Rough-water river
I'll toss you off a cliff
Yes I'm a
P'rana infested sea
I ain't a dog, you can't teach me to heel
Now my mighty fury I'll make you really feel
Any moment my mood can shift

Rough water
Rough water
Getting hotter and hotter
Best avoid my rough water