"Anthony?" A tall man with short hair entered the room and looked around slowly. "Ant? Are you here?" Hunched in a far corner of the room was a little boy, the Man walked swiftly over to him, crouching down to see if he was alright. The boy was sobbing quietly to himself, tears glistened on his cheeks.

"Are you alright? Mom told me to come home and check on you?" The man ran his fingers through the soft mass of chestnut hair and tried to get the boy to look up at him.

"What's wrong?" He pulled the boy to his chest, and slowly his small frail arms wrapped tightly around the man's torso.

"Chris..." He choked on his words and burried his small innocent face into the elder's shoulder. The man tightened his grip on the boy, but not so tight as to hurt him. Now looking into the younger's face, he was saddened to see pain in the vibrant green eyes that were so much like his own.

"Ant, sweetie what's wrong?" He looked overly concerned, as he brushed away soft bangs from the freckled forehead. "I've never seen you so upset..."

"I got in trouble today at school." He sniffled, bringing a fist up to wipe at his eyes.

"Since when do you get in trouble? Ten years and the worst then you've ever done was accidently knock mom's lamp over." He continued carressing the boys hair, keeping one arm around his waist.

"You took the blame..." He sniffled again.

"Because I love you." He placed a soft kiss on top his little brother's head.

"Then why did you leave?" He sighed, wrapping his arms around the elder's neck.

"Because I had to start college, you know that." He wrapped his arms tightly around the small boy again. "I wish I could have stayed here with you."

"Chris?" The younger pulled away again. "Is it wrong to like another boy?"

"Eh.." The darker haired boy was at a loss for words. It was an akward question for him. "How do you mean?"

"Is it wrong to want to kiss another boy?" He repeated, blushing through his freckles.

"Well..." He recalled the past few times that he had infact kissed other males. "No, no it's not Ant."

"Because Mrs. Otis said it was, and she got mad at me when I told her I liked another boy." He looked down ashamed.

"A lot of people think it's wrong. Mom and Dad do, but just because some people do, doesn't mean it is okay?" He sighed and tucked a piece of hair behind the boys ear. "Don't let anyone tell you different, if it feels right to you, then it's not wrong at all." He smiled. "And if it makes you feel better, I like boys too."

"You do?" Anthony's face lit up. "Then...I'm not alone?"

"Of course not." Chuckling the young man pulled his brother into his lap and hugged him.

"Would you kiss me then?" The boy peered up with curious eyes.

"Anthony...I don't think..." He did. He had wanted to in the past, although it was something he himself had considered to be wrong for thinking. "Ant, it's just not appropriate."

"But...it feels right to feel that way, and I love you. Why is it wrong then?" He sat up straight. "I want you to."

"...I want to too..." Taking in his little brother's logical reasoning, he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the boys small red lips. Quickly he pulled away, heart racing from the shock of his actions.

"You can't tell anyone about that Ant," He smoothed over the soft brown hair once again. "Even more people think it's wrong for brothers to kiss let alone two boys."

"You mean...you're not going to kiss me again?" He pouted, looking generly upset.

"You want more?" The elder questioned.

"Mmm-hmm." Nodding the boy crawled into the other's lap. No longer able to resist the boy he loved so much, Chirs took him into his arms again, and began to kiss him softly. Chris moved his lips slowly and tenderly, and soon after Anthony learned to do the same.

Breaking away for a moment, the elder took some time for some much needed air. He had managed to hold his beath the entire time their lips were pressed together.

"That felt really nice..." The little boy giggled, his flushed freckled cheeks becoming more and more alluring. "Can we keep going?"

Chris nodded. "Yeah, but I want to show you another way to kiss...come here."

"Another way to kiss?" The boy blinked up at his brother in obvious confusion.

"Yeah, I promise you that you'll like it." He pulled the boy closer to him once more and tilted his chin up with strong lithe fingers. He moved his lips against his brother's once again, but this time ran the tip of his tongue along the smaller's bottom lip. Letting out a gasp, his mouth opened just wide enough for Chris to slip his tongue inside. The boy was frozen in shock.

"Relax..." The elder pulled away and rubbed the younger's back soothingly. "It's not going to hurt, I promise you'll like it okay?" He nodded and Chris advanced again, slipping his tongue back into his little brother's mouth. Tentively, Anthony opened his mouth slightly further, allowing better access.

The elder's tongue probed around, tasting the sweet slick heat of the boy's mouth. Before long, Anthony started to push back his brother's tongue with his own, making them both smile. Slowly, the boy gained access to the other's mouth, eager to explore. Then with a need for rest, the two broke off, panting heavily.

Giggling Anthony pounced on top of his brother, knocking him on his back. "That was fun." He proclaimed, face flushed and eyes sparkling. His brother smirked and nodded, holding the boy in place over him, gripping his sides gently.

"We can have some more fun if you want..." With an encouraging giggle from the boy, Chris leaned up, licking all the way down the younger's jaw line, making him gasp. He kissed down his brother's pale throat and slowly began to move his hands up and down along the boy's sides. Not long after Anthony began mewling in pleasure. Chris was also very aroused at this point.

He knew he shouldn't be doing this, there were so many things that were wrong about it, but like Anthony had said, It didn't feel wrong. He wanted his little brother, it was sick and twisted, but the feelings were mutual he soon came to find out.

Loosing his ballance, the smaller tumbled into his brother's chest, and Chris felt the boy's arousal pressing into his thigh. Moaning at the contact the boy let his face rest on the firm sweater covered chest of the other, feeling the rise and fall of his brother's breathing.

The elder moved his hands down the boys back, till he reached the hem of the white T-shirt. Working his fingers under the edge, he slid his hands underneath the thin matariel, grazing them over the soft heated skin. Anthony shivered in delight.

To his own amazment, the boy started to move his hips, his arousal brushing along his brother's thigh at an akward pace. Noticing that it felt good, he kept going, whimpering as he did so. With that Chris pushed his brother up, so he could sit up as well.

"Did I do something wrong?" Fear and embarrassment hovered in the boys jade eyes.

"No, no not at all..." Chris chuckled and leaned in to kiss the boy softly.

"Okay, cause...I felt really good when I did that..." The elder felt dizzy after hearing those words pour from his brother's mouth. He wanted the child more than ever now. Then he reminded himself, he was only a child. His little brother. A wave of guilt spread over him. "I want you to do that to me..." The boy blushed again and the guilt disappeared.

He adavanced on the small boy, laying him down on the blue carpet, crawling on top of him. He slid a knee between his brother's thighs and started rubbing softy as he dragged his tongue along the boy's collar bone.

"Anthony, Chris, I'm home!" Their mother called from downstairs. Chris panicked. Quickly he jumped off his brother and pulled him off the floor. With flushed faces and heavy breathing, it was clear they had been up to something.

"Act like we've been fighting.." The elder whispered as he held up his fists in a sloppy position. Nodding anthony obeyed and threw a soft punch at his brother's shoulder, they continued on with their play until the woman walked in the door.

"Boys, come on now, play nice." She stepped between them. "Christopher you should know better, he's so small you could hurt him without meaning too, now come on." The two boys sulked and nodded at their mother. "Any event, it's nice to have you home for a while..." She hugged and kissed her eldest son, and then bent down to place a kiss on the younger's forehead.

"Do you two want to come to the store? I have to get a few things for the barbaque tomorrow...I could really use the help." She smiled hopefully but Anthony started whining.

"Mom...I don't wanna..." He pouted. "It's boring and cold and full of old people..." The mother clamped a hand over her mouth, so as she wouldn't laugh at her son's comment. "Now that's not nice." She sighed heavily. "Alright then, I'll go by myself, Why don't you two play a nice game of scrabble or something?" She galred at the older boy.

"Yes mom," Chris rolled his eyes and kissed the woman on the cheek as she left the room. The two stood their waiting, and then when Chris heard the car pull away, knelt down and kissed his brother. "We can't ever let her know okay?" With a nod, he kept kissing, moving down the boy's neck, elicting soft moans.