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He watched her within a safe distance with him leaning back against a wall and his arms crossed over his chest. A few guys here and there would sneak a glance but never act on anything more. They were too smart for that. She is his and no one else is going to mess with his little redhead. Of course she isn't his to stick a warning label on. It's an unspoken agreement between him and all the other males.

Usually they would understand with just a glare. Some occasions it had taken a threat and even a few times he had to retort to violence. Now don't think of his intentions as wrong. It's like as he wants to own her and make her his sex slave. His feelings for her go deeper and beyond that. It's even further than he's aware of. Arden is in love with his sexy feisty redhead.

Torrance bit her bottom lip and searched through her locker. Annabelle had moved her things around. The raven haired beauty has her own locker but claims it's more convenient to use hers. Torr tried to be cautious as she poked and prodded around the locker filled almost to capacity. Her best friend has a habit of putting things in there they don't even have scientifical names. Last week she opened her locker to slam it shut immediately out of pure fright. Something yellow and furry was staring right back at her.

Annabelle is too sweet of a girl to get angry at. Of course she is sweet only when she wants to be. It's tiring watching her moods change right before your eyes. She can have you eating out of your hand and then throw your ass on the floor. While you think she's too innocent to think impure thoughts she'll already have a person undressed in her mind. She's a walking contradiction.

Both girls have their own number of male population swooning over them. Annabelle is never without a date if she wants while Torrance is always going solo. She can't understand all the gossip she hears and all the looks she gets and then no one wants to go out with her. The thought perplexes her. Not Annabelle though, she knows exactly what is going on. She's not sneaky and gets out of every threatening situation for nothing.

"Hey you," Annabelle said sliding up next to her best friend and leaning back against the wall. She winked at the new guy and turned her head back to her friend. Torrance looks as if something is worrying her.

"Torr, what's wrong?" She shook her head and finally fished out her government book. Well she had thought it was hers, but then the green ooze on it just screamed Annabelle.

"Can't find my book," she mumbled. Annabelle shook her head and reaching over and in pulled out the advanced government book. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now tell me what really is wrong. I know you Torr and that look on your face says a lot more than I can't find a stupid book." The redhead shrugged and smoothed down the white button down shirt that helped make up her school uniform.

"I don't know how to say it. Every time we go out you always have a guy or two on hold other than the one you're with. In layman terms I can't even get the bartender to go home with me, so to speak."

"I think it's because you're looking for the wrong sort of guy." She lifted an eyebrow at her.

"What does that mean? Who's the wrong type of guy?" Annabelle grinned mischievously and wrapped an arm around her friends shoulder.

"The good guys Torran. We can't have you get too bored with the boring guys. Believe me they may look good to bring home to your parents and all but that's about as far as it goes. Now I know, as your best friend, occasionally you can be uptight." Torrance shot her a look, but Annabelle shook it off. "Hear me out already."

"Fine," she mumbled feeling like it came out against her own will.

"What you need is excitement and danger." Torrance could have laughed at the giddiness in her friends voice. She sounded like a little kid allowed to play in the toy store all alone.

"And you would know all about that right?"


"And I assume you already have someone in mind."

"Right again. You already know him. He goes here." Torrance pulled away from her friend and shook her head. The only person she could be talking about she doesn't want to deal with. There is only one bad boy here, and she doesn't want to be associated with him. No not Arden Winters.

"What?!" Annabelle groaned and rolled her eyes back. "Don't look at me in that tone of voice Torrance Parker! You wanted my help, and I suggested your best option. I know for certain he won't disappoint."

"I definitely don't want someone you already had!" The tall lithe raven haired girl let that one go. It takes a lot for her to get angry and upset at her best friend.

"I'll let that one go Torrance. Just to let you know I would never offer you any of my leftovers. Sure I've drooled over Arden myself, but I have never had the nerve to try and devour him. I've always left that option open because I knew it would come down to this. You need him more than I ever will."

"Come on Bella," she cried throwing up her hands. "You know he'll never give into wanting a serious relationship."

"Now Torr whenever did I say a thing about a relationship? I want you to have fun. Get that? Fun! That means screw emotions unless they go along with moaning and panting." Torrance felt her face flush instantly and to make it even worse, if even at all possible, the subject of the discussion walked by. He brushed right past Torrance touching her. If she was thinking straight she would have realized the move was out of his way since the hallway was nearly empty. All together she missed his hand brushing across the small of the back. She missed a lot of those signs for some reason. Apparently she didn't think anyone as gorgeous as Arden would want her.

"Belle," she hissed trying to duck her bright red face down. "I'm not going to sleep with anyone just because there's an option."

"Let me remind you of last year then shall I? I seem to remember a tall rather boring brunette guy that-" A hand shot over her mouth cut the rest off. She didn't need anyone knowing about that. Not that anyone was listening. The hallways are nearly empty. Everyone should be in class now.

"Enough already! Fine! Okay! Whatever!" She threw her hands up while crying out the words in a frenzied rush. "We'll see what happens. I'm not saying anything yet because you'll hold me to it." Bella grinned triumphantly.

"You know me too well Torr."

"It's what I get for being your friend my entire life," she muttered sarcastically.

"But I don't disappoint either. Just promise you won't rule out the whole sleeping thing out, okay?" Annabelle throw an arm around her shoulder again and steered her towards their next class, finally.

"You're a big girl and know how to have fun and be responsible at the same time. I have faith in you."

At least one of us does, Torrance thought. Arden isn't going to want to have to do anything with me. Especially if sex is not an option. Why else would he want me?

Arden waited for her and pushed himself off the wall when she approached. It had taken forever to get here. He had been waiting anxiously but didn't let it show. The girl smiled at first but then shoved him back against the wall when she was in reach.

"Listen to me now because I'm not going to give you this warning again. You hurt her in any warning Winters, and you'll have to deal with me. If you make her feel anything for you and then have second thoughts and break her heart you better run as fast as you can because you can bet I'll be trailing on your ass. I can give you a lot more threats all about breaking or injuring precious body parts, but I think you get the jest."

"So is it settled then?" The girl nodded and tucked a strand of raven hair behind her ear. Had she just made a pact with the devil? She had just thrown her very best friend in the lions den, huh?

"If you don't listen to me Arden," she warned furiously trailing off.

"Yeah, I got it already Johnson. Don't burn her." He then excused himself and walked off hiding the smile from his face. As if I would ever want to, he thought to himself.

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