Haruka Takahashi grade#7 Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy They don't want to be sad There is nobody who enjoys being sad

So we should all share this happiness This world can share love Even though we can They don't want to

They care so much about how people look It doesn't matter what race they are What color they are, what religion they are Why do we care?

If everyone cared about how we can all be friends, There would be no war, no arguments, no fighting So why do we care so much? Is it because we're so cruel?

I guess this world doesn't want happiness If they did, they wouldn't be so mean They would treat each other with respect Weren't they taught that way?

This isn't the way it should be There can't be war There can't be fighting It's just too horrible

For the people who wants peace, For the people who doesn't want war, Why not stop arguing yourselves? We should stop making fun of others

What good will it do? It would only hurt the others feelings Don't we want everyone to be happy? Don't we want to be happy too?

Don't we want happiness?