Okay, this is the first thing that I am posting where as it is a Novel in progress. Meaning I'm really hoping to, and expecting to finish this.

Now let me get a few things squared away.

1. I have no muses for this story, except for my two main characters. So that could be a bit difficult since they're never around.

2. I know I have tons of spelling and grammer mistakes and such, but that's because I don't have a spellcheck or what not, and I'm horrible with that kind of stuff. So if you feel like editing it for me, by all means tell me what to fix and I'll be happy to do so.

3. Depending on the Reviews that I get, is how a certain chapter may shape it's self.

4. Later on I may have to deal with some legal issues, where in I know nothing about how they're handeled. I'll try to do some research and ask around about them, and if you have any insight about how certain crimes are treated, please email me: [email protected]. I may just make it up and go along with what I say, it's a work of fiction after all, it can have a different legal system.

5. This story takes place at no particular time period. I guess it would at least have to be after the 90's because of certain things that I mention, technology and such. But hey if you want to think they had portable CD players and Cars, and The GAP in the 18th centuary then by all means go right ahead.

6. One thing is that I don't know exactly where they live. I was going to base it off a mixture of towns that I have lived in/frequently visit etc. But they're all in or around the area of the Hudson Valley in New York state, and in this story the characters live by a nice beach. I was thinking somehwere in Massachusetts, but then again I know next to nothing about that state, or it's towns to really talk about them. Like I said, anyone have any advice or anything please let me know. I will do some research later on though.

7. This is from the point of view of a 'straight' male. Therefore none of us have much experience about what REALLY goes in in their minds. It's mostly guess work and observations of how my friends act, and some others as well. But who cares anyways?

8. I don't think I am going to put anything up with actual detailed sex scenes and stuff, but I may have side chapters dealing with them that I'll post on a site, if they happen.

9. Reviews would be nice, you can flame if you want, I couldn't give a shit.

10. This is entirly Dani's work. No help from anyone else.

11. Love you all, hate you all, enjoy the story.

Oh one more thing. GAP = Gay. Ass. Prep.


P.S. I know Damian's character is kind of annoying at first...that's sort of the point...but just bare with me okay? I promise it will all get better.