When lunch rolled around, I walked to the cafeteria with Kyle, telling him I had invited Kris to sit with us today. He was enthusiastic about it, glad that I got him to socialize with everyone. Kyle didn't have too many friends, and loved meeting new people, he hoped Kris would like him, or at least get along with him. Kyle would like Kris no matter what so I at least had one person on my side.

"Where is he?" Kyle asked as we sat down with Marc and Tina, Karen joined us just after.

"Where is who?" Karen asked, getting out her English homework.

"Kris Jackson, the new kid." Kyle said. "Damian invited him to sit with us."

"Oh." Karen looked down at her paper for a minute. "Okay then, I guess."

"I'm going to get a Sandwich, uhm, Karen, do you want anything?" Kyle asked offering a smile.

"Huh? Oh," She smiled back. "No thanks, I had a big breakfast, not that hungry today. Plus I want to get this finished." She went back to writing whatever it was she was writing and Kyle turned to get in the lunch line. Instead he turned right into Brandon.

"Gyah! Sorry!" Kyle jumped back and Brandon chuckled.

"Hey, don't worry about it." Brandon shoved a wrapped sandwich at him.

"Oh," Kyle blushed. "Uhm, thanks...you didn't have to...here..." He took the sandwich and fumbled in his pockets to find his wallet.

"Nah, don't worry about it. I was there, the line's long." Brandon grabbed Kyle's wrist as he went to pull out his wallet. "I said don't worry about it." Kyle just sat down and muttered another thanks. Marc snorted and we all turned to him.

"It's the freak." He pointed to Kris who was walking over.

"Hey, be nice, I invited him to sit with us okay?" I glared back at Marc, and noticed that Tina looked just as annoyed as her boyfriend. Could she ever think for herself?

"Whatever. I'm not going to be nice. I just wont say anything." Tina nodded and clung to Marc.

"Whatever." I waved Kris over. "Hey. So you showed."

"Yeah, I said I'd sit with you didn't I? Move over." I scooted closer to Karen, who was too absorbed in her essay to notice. He sat next to me and look cautiously at everyone. Mike shook his head and busied himself with eating.

"Hey, what's up man?" Brandon smiled widely, perfect pearly white teeth taking up the majority of his face.

"Hey." Kris smiled nervously, as did Kyle. All was silent for a moment.

"So," I spoke up. "Kris, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?" I suggested.

"What's there to tell?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"Well...hey, aren't you gonna get lunch before the kitchen closes?" Brandon asked.

"Uhm...no. I don't have any cash." He said this quietly, not meeting Brandon's eyes.

"Here..." Brandon gave him his bag of chips. "You can have these, I don't want them."

"I Don't want your charity." Kris huffed and got up to leave. I tugged on his arm.

"Please, Kris, just sit. Take the food, Brandon's like that to everybody." Kris sighed and sat back down, taking the bag of said chips.

"So, Kris, do you like photography? Or any kind of arts?" Kyle asked brightly, taking another bite from his sandwich.

"Uhm, no not really. I play guitar as a hobby, that's really it." He shrugged, munching on the chips.

"Cool, I play bass." Brandon smiled widely again. "Maybe we can play together sometime."

"Yeah, maybe." He smiled back, his first true smile since I had seen him in Study Hall.

"Well that's cool. Uhm," Kyle thought for a moment. "Do you like acting? No, you probably don't, no one does." He looked down embarrassed.

"Actually acting is pretty cool, I'm not really good at it, but I've tried out for some school plays and stuff, made the chorus in last years musical." That was the most Kris had said all day.

"Really?" Kyle's eyes lit up. He was head over heals about acting, and mostly about Musicals. "What musical was it?"

"Uhm it was a crappy one, Mame." He shrugged and continued eating chips.

"Yeah, Mame's not that great." Kyle agreed, and continued on. "But there have been worse. I'm partial to anything done by Cole Porter."

"No clue what you're talking about, but okay." Kris' comment made Kyle blush again.

"S'ok, not many people do." Kyle finished up his sandwich.

"I'm not much for musicals. I really appreciate acting, and actors, I mean I think it's wild, I love watching them, how some people can really get into character." Kris smiled, and then I spoke up.

"Well, Kyle's going to be in a production of Little Shop of Horrors in about three weeks, he's helping put it together." I smiled at Kyle who blushed again. He wasn't one to talk about himself, or anything he did for that matter.

"Oh, I guess. That would be pretty cool, that is if you want me to come." Kris finished up the chips, crumpling the bag. It was just then I realized I hadn't eaten anything the whole time.

"Oh yeah!" Kyle brightened up again. "I'd love for you to come, we're hoping to get a full house, but we don't really have any advertisement out. It's going to be at the free lance theater down on main street, March 15th. "

"Lemme guess, you play Seymour?" Kris grinned when Kyle blushed and nodded. "Figured."

"So hey, I gotta get to class, later y'all." Brandon got up, patting Kyle's head before he left.

"Where's Brandon going?" Karen looked up and blinked.

"Class, duh, God have you been paying any attention?" Marc snapped.

"Geez, ease up, I was working on my paper. Sorry." She muttered and gathered up her things. "I think I'll leave too...since something stinks." She glared at Marc and left, saying good-bye to Tina, Kyle, Kris, and me. Normally I would have followed her, but I didn't want to abandon Kris.

"So, what other stuff do you like to do?" I asked, yawning.

"Uhm well...stuff." He shrugged again.

"Do you like, uhm, skateboard?" I attempted to guess.

"Unbelievable." He rolled his eyes. "Because of what I wear? Huh? This is why I don't like you." He got up to leave again.

"Wait!" That hit something. "Look I didn't mean, I..." I tried to sort out my words, but before I could get them out he left.

"Well, he didn't have to be so rude..." Kyle pouted.

"Told you he was no good." Marc snorted, got up and left with Tina tagging closely behind.

"Marc needs to get over it." Kyle watched him leave the Cafeteria. "But Kris didn't have to act like that. I wonder why he snapped at you."

"Seems like it's becoming a habit," I muttered and motioned Kyle to follow me to our next class, we had English together.

English went by as usual, we had essay questions, and watched a movie, Kyle argued with Mr. Cahlen, and I we both got full marks for the class. As we were leaving Kyle spoke up.

"Uhm, Damian..." He didn't look at me. "There's...uhm, I have." He looked up at me, blushed, then looked back down. "Never mind." I was going to pressure him into telling me what he intended on, but it would have been no use. Kyle's not one to pressure, and you wont get it out of him without causing some mental breakdown. We just parted ways after that, he was staying after for Math, I was going home.

"Hey, why did you get so pissed at me earlier?" I sat down next to Kris and questioned him. He was listening to his head phones, turned to look at me, then turned back the other way. "Hello?"

"I heard you." He didn't look back over. "You've got such good grades, you should be smart enough to know the answer to that."

"I..." I think I did know why. "Because you don't like to be judged on appearance?" He turned and smiled.

"And?" He took down his head phones.

"I'm sorry, I'll try not to assume anything again?" He nodded.

"And I roller blade, just so you know." He sat up from his slouched position.

"Oh cool! So do I." So we had something in common. Amazing. "None of my friends do, so I usually don't get to that often."

"Do you know a good place to blade around here?" He asked, brushing his stringy, mousy hair away from his blue eyes. I took a double take, I could have sworn his eyes were grey a second ago.

"Uh, yeah, a few blocks down from my house, it's next to the beach...a sports park with a track around it." I kept staring at his eyes.

"They change color." I blinked at him.

"How the hell did you know that I was-" He cut me off.

"Because you were looking at my eyes, and people ask me a lot. It's a drastic change, and it depends on my mood." He smirked. "Remind me why I'm talking to you again?"

"Uhm, because no one else cares enough about you?" That was rude to say, and I didn't mean it like it sounded.

"Keep up with the attitude and I wont bother with you anymore." He snapped.

"I didn't mean it like that..." I sighed. "I meant, well, no one hear understands you, you're different."

"How would they know?" He snapped back again.

"Because of the way you look..." I sighed. "They're not used to it."

"As I can tell. This fucking place needs a wake up call." He scoffed. "You're friends at least talked to me, except that one guy and his little pet. That's the nicest treatment I've gotten. "

"His name is Marc, and his 'little pet' is Tina." I sighed. "Marc's got an attitude problem, and he doesn't like you for the same reasons as the rest of the school. Tina probably would if it wasn't for the fact that she has no mind of her own."

"And what was with Karen? She ignored me the whole time." He brushed away his hair again.

"She was doing homework, it wasn't because of you. She always does work at lunch. It's actually a study hall, but she gets permission to come into the cafeteria so she can eat, she has no lunch period since her schedule is so full." I explained and his expression softened.

"Oh. All right then, so they're not that bad." He chuckled. "Brandon like I said is pretty cool, and Kyle is a sweetheart. He's really cute." I laughed at his last comment.

"Yeah really." There was a silence. "So uhm..."

"Hey isn't this your stop?" He pointed out the window at my house.

"Ah shit!" I bit my lip. "Yeah it is, see you tomorrow!" I waved back and ran down the Isle, the bus driver looked annoyed that I had taken so long. I rushed out and inside so she could drive away.


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