History midterm: Due December 19, 2176

Write a four paragraph essay detailing the history that has led up to the
current war. Follow this format:

1st Paragraph- Information about and history of the colonies. Be sure to include information about different governments on different colonies.

2nd Paragraph- The development and attempt at independance of Io, Callisto, and Ganymede colonies and the rise to power of Benjamin Havovich.

3rd Paragraph- Description of the basic structure of the colonies and how the rebellion on Jupiter's moon is destroying them.

4th Paragraph- Your own opinion of this situation

Melinda Baywater
9th grade History
December 19, 2176

The first colony was built a little over a hundred years ago, in 2073. It was built on the Earth's moon by the Americans, Russians, Germans and Japanese. There were originally only about 50 people living in the colony. They were mostly scientists who were living there as their experiment or whatever. The colony was called LC-1, short for Lunar Colony 1. Soon, colonies began to be built everywhere. The first colony on Mars, M-12, became the most populated area in the system. By 2120, there were more than 40 million people living there. Because lots of people moved to the colonies, especially M-12, Earth's population decreased a lot. Venus and three of Jupiter's moons Ganymede, Io and Callisto were also widely colinized. Currently, more than half of the Venus colonys are ruled by the royal Bloom family that decends from Great Britain's royal family. Originally, those Venus colonies
were under a somewhat democratic goverment that elected an absolute leader every 5 years. The voters in those colonys were pressured by the Blooms and their employees to vote for the Blooms. Eventually. Douglass Bloom declared himself king of those Venus colonies in 2135, and his family's monarchy still exists today. The colonies on Mars and the moon have adopted governments very similar to that of the United States of America. The colonies on Jupiter's three moons have the exact government of the USA, because they are considered the 51st-67th states.

Many people who live in the Jupiter's moon colonies wish to be independant of the USA. They do not want to be governed by a country that is not even on the same planet as them. Because of this, they began to make demands for independance in 2165. Dozens of attempts were made and all failed. Violent attacks were made on the main US government embassy on Ganymede C-42, forcing US representatives to leave the colonies and return to Earth in 2167. After that, very little news came from Jupiter's moon colonies until three years ago in 2173 when a total hottie named Benjamin Havovich said that he was the leader of all Jupitermoon colonies and was declaring war on the US for their independance. He is destroying colonys in an attempt to prove his power over the US.

Colonies are formed in a very complicated way. First, there is a solid, one mile thick layer of some stuff that's kind of like earth's soil to keep the natural surface of the planet or moon from causing health problems for people, or decaying the buildings or something like that. On Venus, this layer drys out easier than on other planets because it's closer to the sun. The layer isn't just soil, it's a strong compound that can only decay if some radioactive compound of Uranium and Plutonium come in contact with it. I don't know exactly what happens. I'm not a rocket scientist. Anyway, next there's this fake layer of ozone and other stuff that creates a comfortable temperature and breathable air for the people. Again, since Venus is closer to the sun, the temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer on average. Because of the warm temperatures and sand like ground, many Venus colonies make wonderful beaches. I want to visit a Venus beach colony some day. The destruction of a colony is really complicated too. This the way that Benjamin Havovich and his rebellion is destroying the colonies: First, the oxygen levels in underneath the fake atmosphere are cut. After that, since there is lots less oxygen the ozone layer stuff collapses in on itself. By this point, most people have died. Then, that uranium and plutonium stuff is released, destroying the base on which all the buildings were built and then all the buildings collapse.

I totally don't understand this war. I mean, why doesn't the US just let those other states go? Do they know how many people have died because they won't let these17 states go? The whole thing would be solved if the US just let the other states form their own country. It's also totally stupid to go to war with someone as totally yummy as Benjamin Havovich. It's too bad he's totally obsessed with politics and stuff, cause he could totally be a model!

....(to be continued)...