Your footsteps echo in the wind

As they tread across my soul

Prodding the most painful places

The trust that bonded our love, erodes, turns black as coal

Your words shower upon me

As we forget about making it last

And we dance under the glow of the moon

And twirl away our past.


This is the prologue to my story. I actually wrote this a while ago, but I thought it was fitting for this story. Please review if you want my to continue. I had this story up before… or half of it anyway, but the spacing got COMPLETLEY, TOTALLY, and UTTERLY MESSED UP. So much that you could hardly read it!!! I fixed it now, and my family thinks I've finally been pushed over the edge. I yelled HALLELUJA when I found out how to fix the problom. Really loudly. Tee hee… ::grins sheepishly::