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"No." I said quietly, tears and anger obscuring my voice. "Smelly, how could he?" "Simple" he replied with what was meant to be an indifferent tone, but the disgust underneath it showed through. "We got rid of all the ash-trays" A plate would be too logical. Besides, using a plate doesn't torture a young boy enough. "It's no big deal," he repeated, his voice cracking. Maybe it was out of maternal instincts, or maybe because I was so tired, but I took him in my arms and rocked him. "It's ok," I whispered. Something he never would have let me do under normal circumstances. This time was different though. He needed the comfort and care that other kids got at home. Remembering his 'Manly Pride', he pulled away and jumped off the bed, viewing my collection of faerie statues. I lie back down and watched him, wondering how he could take all of this.

"This one's new isn't it?" I jumped, startled by the sudden hum of his voice. Climbing out of bed, I looked to see which one he was referring to. It was one I got just a few days before. A darker piece, it showed a beautiful and magnificent faerie, hair streaming out in all directions, desperation in her eyes, and hands bonded by harsh chains. Her dress was in rags and she seemed to be reaching out to you, asking for help. Without waiting for my answer, he continued. "I like it, more so than any other one. It looks like she's trying to escape from an unknown evil, so she turns to the public for help. Even though she knows it's useless. See that in her eyes? She knows there's no hope left. They're just going to leave her there to die." Shivers ran down my spine again, this time for a different reason.

Suddenly, he turned to me, a glint in his eye. "Lets go for a walk!" I considered rejecting this idea, telling him he was a madman. Then I caught a glimpse of hope in his face. "Alright" I said, grabbing my father's overly large wool sweater from the closet. I pulled it over my head, and then shook out my curls. I salvaged my blue, Old Navy flip-flops from under a pile of clothes, laughingly un-appropriate for the cold windy weather. He saw my choice of footwear and laughed. "Nice" he said. I have him a fake innocent smile, and he stuck his tongue out at me. "Ready" I called in a singsong voice. Linking arms, we made our way to the open window with the escape ladder hanging out of it. "Ya know they shouldn't call it 'Fire' escape ladder. You might need it to escape other things too; like family." I silently agreed. On my way out, I seized my horridly bright pink umbrella, the one with animals dancing on it.
          We made our way through the eerily silent streets, arms linked, hearts connected. Neither of us said anything, but that was the way we liked it. Our thoughts were joined as they sailed across the heavens, reaching no limits, just enjoying each other's company. It's times like these, when silence means everything. The harsh wind whipped around me and I hugged my sweater closer, twirling my pink umbrella. The sound of my flip-flops hitting the pavement made a constant, comforting rhythm; contrasting against the unpredictable irregularities of the world. Under the moonlight, his face looked like a spirit's, unreal and floating. I stopped in the middle of the street, and stood there. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. The glow of the full moon illuminated the world and gave it a haunting, memorable look. At the same time, it was a comforting glow. Street lamps highlighted the stone mailboxes that stood so straight, yet spiritually white, like angels.

A sudden urge to spin overcame me and I giggled as I twirled in the street, arms outstretched, pink umbrella creating a light of it's own. "Come on!" I called excitedly to him. He watched me with laugher and amusement in his eyes. "Dance with me!" I said breathlessly, grabbing his arms. To my surprise, he began to lift me up, twirling me in his arms. I squealed with the excitement of a little girl. We fell onto the grass, and laughed. Laughed with a joy that only comes with being young, and reckless, and free. In a pure fit of child ness, I hugged my arms to my body and rolled across the grass. I landed eagle spread on my back, watching the stars. Content with it all, and wishing to stay in this moment forever I closed my eyes. "You're crazy," a voice said. I opened one eye to see him standing above me, a crooked grin on his face. "Yeah," I shrugged my shoulders. "But it's a GOOD THING!!" Shouting the last two words, I listened to my voice carrying in the darkness, soon only memory, with no proof that it had ever been said. Or so I thought. "TROUBLEMAKERS" Someone yelled from their window. "You disrespectful kids better shut-up and get off my lawn before I call the cops about breaking curfew. I made a face at the window before muttering "Frigid suburbanites."
"Lets go," he said to me. "It's late."

"You can't go back to your house. "I told him.

"Please, stay in my basement tonight. No one will know!" Pleading was in my eyes, as I silently begged him not to do the brave thing for once. No such luck. His eyes clouded over again, all amusement gone from his face.

"I can't. It's complicated, but I can't. Please try to understand, Bee!" I nodded, not wanting to push my luck, somehow understanding.

"Be careful, alright?" Now it was his turn to nod.
We parted ways with a hug, and a final spin in the street. Twirling my umbrella, I made my way home to dream of green-eyed boys, pink umbrellas, and flip-flops echoing in the night.

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