Blood Bound

The Dream Sequence

That night Jovie dreamt of the Shadow Lands. She had been having the reoccurring nightmare for about a year now, but all she ever saw were magnificent pine trees as they swayed to and fro in the strong wind that had once been; their dark masses' ever-changing silhouettes urging her away. As previously, she didn't heed their warning of foreboding.

Heart beating in fast precision, she followed her mother's taller form, pushing low-hanging branches aside. Her brain didn't process scraps or cuts that suddenly appeared on her arms and legs. There was something much greater that she had on her mind—something more serious.

Mother and daughter walked briskly through the forest, but to them it seemed as if they were moving much too slowly; tantalizingly slowly. Her mother broke into a jog. Sixteen year old Jovie followed pursuit. Next thing she knew, they were both at an all out run. They were almost there, they could feel it. What ever was wrong couldn't possibly be as terrible as—

~          *              ~              *              ~

Jovie awoke suddenly with a rapidly beating heart as her eyes shot open. It took her a moment to realize what had brought her back from the terrors of the Shadow Lands. The sound of a fellow vampire connected and formed a link to her mind. She recognized the disgruntled girl's thoughts and the politely shy undertone her inner voice sounded right away. It was one of the Razlorn, Kassie. She was Jovie's cousin by blood, and only a year younger than she was herself. Kassie's father, Daniel, was the younger brother of the deceased Samuel Moore. Kassie and Jovie had always been close, and the death of Samuel brought them closer still.

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