Hello Everyone!

I would like to say I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!!!! I know I haven't updated in a while, and that is for several reasons. You really want to know what's up? OK, if you inssist.

1. I have had little to no inspiriation, so when I have written it's either not been enough to call a chapter (of course, this is determined by the flow of each individual story), or total and utter CRAP!!!

2. I'm having MAJOR computer problems. With the last keyboard I was using, the 'r' button had broken, now with this one, the 'SHIFT' and 'SPACE' bar is not working properly. You haveno idea howmany times I've had to go back and fix up the spacing and capitals. I bet I've missed some. But anyway...

Another computer related obstacle is that Istarted writing on my new laptop. And sinceit does not have either a floppy drive or a cd-burner, I am unable to transfer any finished material to the family computer which has internet access. Of course, I could always re-type it, but like hell Ihave the time or energy to type everything all over again!

3. I'm in the process of registering and getting ready to go off to college - which is proving to be HELL!!!! I swear, everything that could possibly go wrong has! So, you can see I'm stressed out about that. I'm moving on September 1st, and I'm told my dorm room has net access included in the residency fees, so, maybe I'll get around to posting more then.

I hope that you, myever faithful readers aren't too angry with me. I'm stressed out majorly here and I can't really handle trying to do this (which is ironically enough what I'd rather be doing), when I have real life demanding of me to straighten up and fly right. UGH! I hate the real world. Why can't it just leave me to life in my fantasies DAMNIT!!!!

Well, this was bound to happen. I really hope that everything works out for the best *crosses fingersand toes and eyes, and I thinks all I can cross* (Whoa! It's really hard typing with your eyes crossed. hehe). and hopefully in the middle of Septemeber I'll be able to write/post more. I know that you all want to know what's going to happen in all of my "wonderfully twisted" tales. (That's a quote from one of my friends about my work. hehe. anyway...) Wow, this is the longest A/N I've ever written I do believe. Hmm. Well, I must go. LIFE is coming to kick my ass out of the computer chair. Damnit. *grr* I hate my life. *grr some more*

I love you all for your reviews, both good and bad alike. And I'll respond to them when I get the next chapters up next month.

I hope all of you had at least a pleasant summer vaccation, and have a great start to the next school year. (I went through Hell in high school,so I wouldn't wish bad luck on anyone (well, maybe a few...ok, alot of people, but anyway...)) And please, pray for me, wish me well, send good karma, WHATEVER! I don't care what just do it, and I'll be hoping for the best. *insert weak smile here*


[your mentally unstable authoress] Tabitha, The Mad Hatter (aka MadHatterDora)