VIII (la crucigrama)

one across and one down:
it's so lonely being
an intellectual in search
of another, and along this
starkly tiled floor the
cracks are oozing phobias
but I'm not sure if I
fear them or if they fear
me. but along the
corridor there's another
like me, there has to be.

maybe if I make a wish
and kiss my lucky mechanical
pencil, maybe then I can
find the right word to
express the instability in
me, or maybe I'll just
wallow in emo pop culture
because we all know that
intellectuals make the
best emo kids even though
these sweaters really itch.

when I do find the one we
will return to bohemia where
there is no incentive to
do anything, not even
derive the quadratic formula
not even complete a
crossword puzzle but
then again finding another
word for aardvark is only
a substitute for true love.