You think it's all just drama

When I say I'm in pain

You roll your eyes when I say

My life is lived in vain

Sometimes I want to end it

But that's running away

I just can't stand the life I live

And in it, I can't stay

I want to wake up knowing

The day I face will be

Worth the pain that's coming

But I can clearly see

There can be no help for me

No sunlight in my day

The darkness, it surrounds me

I cannot find my way

I'm lost in my own feelings

I want to scream and shout

But through all of this darkness

I can't find my way out

And every now and then, I feel

I'm standing here alone

Not a single person cares

Not a single person knows

I keep all so deep inside

But now and then, it's hard to hide

Am I lost or am I found?

Either way, I'll still be bound

Bound to pain, bound to hate

I want to run, but hesitate

Should I stay or just let go?

I guess for now, I just don't know