Red Song, Carries On

Discord plays, disharmony blasts:

A body broken, a universe lost.

Voices cry, hands raise in alarm.

They reach out in unison, they reach to help.

Too late, they find the truth

Victims body, twisted and gone.

Survivor yes, focus now.

Angrily pointed, changed hands turn to blame.

Clasping now, they claw for pain.

Survivor yes, but injury fault.

Justice need be ministered, need be taught.

So lyrics claim.

A small voice sings opposite.

Its choir is lonely, it sings alone.

Stop, it cries;

This is wrong.

So small this voice,

Easily seen and still left unheard.

Drowned now,

It plays no part.

A louder chorus, a more raucous cheer

Body raised, it carried away.

Pain and clang echo its departure,

The beast roars its pleasure.


The voice stumbles to its knees.

No, it whispers;

This is wrong.