Jupiter Colonies

The Jupiter Mines were established over three hundred years ago. In recent years a minor terraforming project has even begun on Ganymede, though no one really expects results until the turn of the millenium. The moons are by far and away EC's most profitable enterprise, though the miners don't see much of that profit. The asteroids possess similiar wealth, but conditions make anything longer than a short mining expidition difficult. This, however, may change with the completion of EC's first fully licensed Hyp-Gate, allowing quick and cost effective travel. For Jupiter's moons, however, EC had a better proposition. Why not create a colony?

Ec constructed bases, they created oxygen recyclers, they supplied equipment. It was not until the miners arrived that EC pulled the ace out of the pack. The colonies were not self-sufficiant. EC didn't want self-sufficiant colonies, because colonies that are self-sufficiant aren't dependant colonies. The colonies were designed unable to produce wood, glass, livestock or anything complex. The bases were noy large enough to make greenhouses, farms or factories viable. They had no trees, no food, no sand for making glass, and they didn't have the facilites to turn them into anything useful even if they did possess them. All they had was a vast horde of mineral wealth.

EC came to the rescue of course, supplying all the food, water and materials needed to help the base survive. Weapons were, of course, not among the list of essentials. The colonies were greatful, and foolishly took their supplies for granted. They never considered for a moment any long-term solutions.

After 10 years, EC struck.