Sweet Love, Sour Love

By Lacrea Moonlight

I made this because I was feeling depressed. I still feel depressed, but that's not the issue. The fact is, I made this poem from the desire to fall in love though it seems no one wants to fall in love with me.
Sweet Love

Sour Love

Gentle Love

Harsh Love

Tender yet Uncaring

Why have you put this spell upon me?

This spell that so aches my heart when

You are so near yet so far from my grasp

Sweet Love, why have you given me your

Sweet Gift? Why have you given me this

Sour Curse? This sweet-sourness that invades my soul?

Why have you broken my heart and then

Mended it with such loving care that no other

Could have mended it with such sweetness as yours?

And yet, there is a sourness to this mending that I cannot dispel.

Sweet love, sour love, harsh and gentle. Tender to my heart

Yet uncaring to my soul. Is all the love you give me as this?

Is this heartache eternal? Is this desire to be but the only one

You could ever love just a desire that will never be fulfilled?

Tender love, be tender to my heart and uncaring to my mind!

Be sweet to my soul and sour to my eyes!

Be gentle to my senses and harsh on my reason! Let nothing

Stand in the way of bringing the joy only you can bring!

Let your love be in my soul, gentle and kind!

Let your love be in my heart, tender and sweet!

Let the harshness and sourness come as does the sea's tide!

And let your love be uncaring of all else but for cares of the heart.

For Love, you are not complete without all these.

For love is Sweet and love is Sour above all else.
I hope you liked it! (