2986 Escape Chapter 2: Seek Justice


This prologue is basically just a big old review of what happened in chapter one of my story.

Jeffrey FarSight had a stalker named Logan Jus. Logan and Jeffrey dueled out their final battle on the rooftop of Space Station Reign. After a long chase, the combat was right in front of the eyes of Raeg Jus, Logan's son. Jeffrey claimed victory by killing his foe.

Raeg swore revenge and dedicated his life to getting back at Jeffrey.

Twenty years passed since that fateful day of Logan's demise. Jeffrey had a son and named him Jr. Raeg's father was actually a member of a criminal organization against Jeffrey's government. Raeg finally got a hold of the two FarSights' location.

Raeg, along with a small squad of eight men, pursued Jeffrey and Jeff. One of the men, Kyrae Thompson, followed them into an escape pod off of Reign.

The escape pod was accidentally released and Jeff, Jeffrey, and Kyrae were alone inside of it. After another battle, Jeff and his father had Kyrae's gun pointed at him. They commanded Kyrae to enter the coordinates of one of Jeffrey's friends place. This friend, Tylius Korken, lived on an asteroid just outside of the human reaches of space.

Kyrae had the choice to either cooperate or give up his life. So he obeyed and they flew to Tylius' asteroid.

On the small chunk of rock, Tylius offered assistance by supplying a ship, himself, and an arsenal. However, since the trio was unexpected, Tylius had barely any fuel in the ship.

Tylius joined the three and they boarded his ship. They used what fuel they had to fly to a transport ship. They boarded the vessel and fought all the way to the control room. Once they were in the control room, the captain of the ship pressed the emergency call button, which summoned a squadron of fighters to the ship.

The terrorist fighters came and Tylius and Kyrae fought them. Raeg was in one of the fighters and he managed to maneuver past Kyrae and Tylius. He boarded the vessel and had a little chat with Jeffrey. He told Jeffrey that if he didn't tell Jeff his secret, then Raeg would kill him. What secret was he talking about?

Jeff followed Raeg and navigated him off of the ship with a gun. Raeg left and so did all of the fighters. Tylius, Kyrae, Jeff, and Jeffrey had no clue as to what was going on. Then, a large battlecruiser challenged the four of them.

Kyrae and Tylius flew their fighters into the control room, completely destroying their fighters and killing everyone in the room. Tylius guarded the emergency control button while Kyrae used a manual teleporter in the new battlecruiser they had. He used it to teleport Jeff and Jeffrey to the cruiser.

Kyrae knew how to activate the autopilot system of the terrorist-owned ship, but not how to actually fly it. Tylius had a friend on a desert planet, Lijogne, who knew everything about every ship, a practical human dictionary.

Kyrae entered the coordinates once again and they flew to Lijogne. On the desert world, Cassidy, Tylius' friend, cleaned up the ship and prepared it for launch.

The terrorist organization still thought the ship was under their control, and a spy was dispatched to help the four of them, now five with Cassidy. They rendezvoused with the spy, who turned out to be Jeff's mother, or Jeffrey's wife. They all took her captive, as she betrayed them. They then received a message from the same person from before that said Raeg was on vacation, off guard.

They then flew to Volcirin, a forest planet, to get an army. Once they all had the army, after a long time of bribing a general, Raeg's army attacked as if it knew their location. General Skkath, the one from Volcirin, died in battle. Cassidy, Tylius, Jeff, Jeffrey, and Kyrae survived by the skin of their teeth with only a battlecruiser and no army.

They got one final message that told them where Raeg was on vacation. It told them to guard the planet Heavire, Raeg's location. They landed on Heavire and tracked down Raeg. Before they actually fought Raeg, they had to go through the terrorist General, Paul Jones. Paul committed suicide at the end of the battle using a plasma grenade.

He held a grenade in one hand and Cassidy in the other. When it ignited, Paul and Cassidy were killed. Tylius hated to leave his friend behind, but he had to. They continued to Raeg, but right before they saw him, was the Elemental Guard, Raeg's squad of trusty women that protected him.

Tylius, Kyrae, Jeff, and Jeffrey fought against the Elemental guard. The battle wound up with Tylius getting seriously injured, but not killed. All five of the women were dead and they succeeded.

Then they fought Raeg.

Kyrae turned his back on Jeff and Jeffrey. Jeff fought him and Jeffrey combated Raeg. Jeffrey got Raeg in mid-air and dropped him, sending him falling down to the crust of Heavire. Kyrae, the terrorist turncoat, was dead.

Julia, who was Jeff's mother, was still inside of the battlecruiser being held hostage. She sent a message to the cops, who came to Heavire.

Raeg got Jeffrey in a corner and told him to tell Jeff his secret or else he would kill Jeff. The young FarSight was curious as to what his father's secret was.

Jeffrey revealed to his son after struggling to defy it, that in truth, they were the bad guys. Jeffrey was a wanted man for the human government. Logan was an innocent government ranger that was pursuing a criminal. The whole time Jeff was committing evil acts against the law.

Jeff had a sudden feeling of hate.

Raeg laughed and killed Jeffrey. Tylius used his gun from the other room and sniped. He shot at Raeg and completely sliced him in half.

Now Raeg was dead. Only Jeff and Tylius were alive now.

The cops came and arrested Jeff and Tylius. Six months later, they stood in front of a court marshal. They were proven guilty as charged. Jeff was sentenced to ten years in solitary confinement, since he knew not that he was the bad guy all along. Tylius, however, had life in jail since he did.

In the jail cell, Jeff listened to the guard's two- inch television. It was a news report that said the wanted criminals were finally caught. And thanks to laser and plastic surgery, Raeg had his legs reattached. He had completely synthetic legs now and was once again alive.

Jeff was the one who wanted revenge now, and this is his tale on how he gets it.