Wind Song I
A Poem story to my husband
my lifetime friend and true love.

Who are you to me
who welcomes me with gentle songs of life
and bouncy Tigger ways,
who beside me skipped the riverwalk
and shared past troubled days?

Who am I to you
who borrows your hospitality
leaning on your shoulder
repays with her tears
jewels for your soul to treasure?

One evening when you came in the door,
You wanted to lift me up.
But I planted my feet on the floor.
And we nearly fell.

By my car you won, we became- "one"
I soared in your strong embrace.
Your bare feet were anchored on the ground,
my shoes in the air.

I was firmly planted in your heart,
the Light from the Lord of Love
shone through us. In His arms of joy
I let us be- we.

Who we are to each other seems more
than words can be creative for.