Wind Song II
from The Prodigal Warrior,
A Passion Play of the m'Arhiel

What did you see in me
when you cupped my chin
in the palms of your hands
your eyes jade diamonds?

Your hold gentled my soul
like the prairie wind
captures velvet wheat fields
nap of the grain waves to the road.

Soul names melded through our touch
I shared my essence
for you to view within
the wholeness of your gaze.

What did you see in me?

What did I sense through you
as I closed my eyes
to receive the soft breeze
from your fingertips?

The other one perceiving
the treasureful of beauty
that defined me.

I was then no more afraid
of how The Name creates us
to be what we are.

For His servant who held me
is my partner in the journey
of Thi-El's calling,

in the journey of the messenger
in the journey of the warrior
in the calling home.

Oh Holy Spirit Wind embrace us
caress and interlace us
within your fields unending.

In The Anchor of Our Souls
redefine us Holy Wind.