Perfect Skin

By Carter Tachikawa

(Wow, it has been forever since I last wrote a poem! And my horror poetry muse is calling to me again so I had to heed her call. Anyway, this was partially inspired by one of my favorite anime cartoons. Thought it would nice. Here we go. I rated it PG but tell me if you think it needs to be bumped up one.)

She was part of my collection
This little girl, sitting in the wooden chair
Eyes wide and mouth shut, she was bought in
By one of my companions
She was such a pretty girl
Tall and trim with perfect curves
And covered by her perfect skin

"You've come just in time."
That's all I can say to her.
She whimpers in reply
Allowing me to pull off her clothes
And let them drop to the floor
Like wilted petals

I run my fingers down her back
Counting the bones that make up her spine
Sliding my hands down her perfect skin
Meanwhile, she sits in her chair
Hands bound and squirming
Her mouth gagged, her eyes widened
She wants to get out
I think she's growing uncomfortable
So I whisper to her

"Be quiet, my dear.
You shouldn't move so much."

Pinching her flesh
Getting a good feel
Yes, the skin is nice on her
But it would look better
On something else
Because it's skin fit
For a doll

"Your skin is perfect, my dear.
It will look nicely on my latest creation."
With that, I took the knife
And bought it down on her back

Slice. Peel. Slice. Peel.
She winces as the blade slides down
Curving and swerving like a snake
It hurts so much but she's afraid to scream
I'm careful with that icy blade
But I still hurt her

"It'll be over in a minute, my dear.
You don't have wait much longer."

Her skin is perfect
Smooth and soft like cream
It's what I wanted
Unfortunately something's wrong
Such white skin is growing darker
Anytime the blade digs in
Dark spots appear underneath
And they keep growing bigger

Pretty soon the dark spots run
Ruby rivulets are running
Running down her back like tears
And hitting the floor silently
The more I peel away
The darker the spots become
And these spots stain such perfect skin much red against white...
All that red is making me dizzy
The world is spinning...spinning so fast...
As I peel away, my hands get dirty
Nonetheless, I don't lose focus
I continue cutting and peeling away

I was careful yet I hurt her
Then again, there's a price to pay for everything.
And the price for this perfect skin is quite high

Soon, I'm done and she is silent
Her whimpering stopped a long time ago
But I'm through with her like I promised
I finished up faster with her
Than with all the others

No need to pay attention to the spots
No need to care about the girl, quiet in her chair
No need to worry about the stains on my hands
No need to think about the mess I left back there

All that matters now is my creation
This brand new doll
With such lifelike, perfect skin

Copyright to me, Carter Tachikawa: 2003. Take it and I will rip your skin off. That's no threat; that's a promise. It may be shit but it's my shit.

Yeah, I know it's a little herky-jerky. I do rhythm that way. Yes, it is free verse. Please do not complain about that because this *is* my style and I don't intend to change it for this poem.

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