Paige followed David up the red velvet lined staircase, through a long brick hallway, flanked with torches burning on the walls shedding an eerie light on the floor, and into what was, presumable, his bedroom.

 David flopped down on the large be across from the large iron door. Its headboard was beautifully carved with a design of the solar system, except with an additional terrestrial planet. . Paige concluded that it was probably the legendary planet "X", the planet which was supposedly rotating the sun exactly 180 degrees from earth, so there was no real way of knowing if it existed or not. The thing was that if it did exist, there would be a good chance for it to support life, for it is, like earth, in exactly the right distance away from the sun for water to exist in the liquid form and maintain a suitable temperature and atmospheric pressure level. The great controversy of its existence had been resurrected in the present time, or maybe it was the future time, as now she was in the past.

This thought successfully confused her and soon after, she, feeling rather dumb, reminded herself that she had traveled back much further than just a few years. Possibly the artist had just made a blind guess on how many planets there were.

As a matter of fact, Paige still didn't know the year. She made up her mind to look at a newspaper, if she could find one, whenever she got to a town around here, for they always have the date on them. If she asked David, he would become even more suspicions of her than he probably already was.

Not knowing if she should sit down or not, the crossed her arms and nervously shifted her weight onto her right leg. She then drew her attention to the bed again. The comforter was black, with the same design of planets intricately stitched on with white thread.

'The people of this time must fancy themselves as astronomers," she thought to herself. In the far left corner of the room, set on the brown, polished wooden floor was a chestnut desk with a chair of similar wood, its seat covered with the same red velvet as the staircase.

On the desk were a few pieces of parchment haphazardly strewn over it. An inkwell housing a white feather quill was set on the upper right corner, To the left and right of the chair were six drawers whose contents were not yet known to Paige.

David got up and walked over to the fireplace which was in the middle of the same wall as the door. White, gray, and black stones were plastered around the grate in an interesting pattern, white in the center, surrounded by the gray and then black around the outside, forming a sort of square dartboard. Above the fireplace was a painting of a beautiful marketplace which, as Paige glanced out of the window beside the desk, was the same marketplace as was visible over the emerald green grass and rolling hills.

David picked up a heavy piece of wood and Paige caught herself staring, her mouth slightly open, at his flexed biceps. Her stomach started to feel the same as when she met him.

Jerking her eyes from him, she forced herself to remember why she was there again.

"Don't we have…gather together the group," she asked apprehensively.

"What do you think I'm trying to figure out Phoebe?"

"Um…my name's Paige"

"Oh, right, sorry Penny"

"PAIGE!" she half yelled, very irritated and extremely disappointed.

'Why is he treating me so badly when he doesn't even know me?' she thought.

'Well, you did get him into trouble,' a little voice in the back of her head answered this rhetorical question.

She concluded that she would be spending a lot of time with him, thus, he will get to know her better and they might become friends. Always just friends. She reasoned that in this new place, maybe she might reconsider this unwritten rule of hers, especially with David.