If Only We Weren't Enemies | By Lastlegolife |Chapter 1: Party with the Enemy

Melina Bocker was the daughter of a rich and famous businessman. He was founder and CEO of the second largest retail company in the world. The Bocker Co. made everything from snack food to wallpaper. They made everything from food to wallpaper. Just recently they had bought out 300 smaller companies, which would increase their annual revenue by several million. To put it bluntly, the Bocker family was stinkin' rich.

To the average class citizen, one would imagine being the offspring of such a powerful man would lead a rich and luxurious life. They were right. Seventeen-year old Melina had everything she desired; friends, money, parties every week, and tons of flirting guys. What more could anyone want?

Melina wasn't happy at all. Her parents were always too wrapped up in their work for family time. They sent her to boarding school in Switzerland for most of her young life. A maid helped her come back home by calling up her room and leaving the phone off the hook. Melina let the long distance charges steadily pile up. It was a minor expense but her mother was furious and demanded that she be brought home immediately. Melina went through several different private schools before she finally settled one.

Life wasn't any better when she got home however. Her parents were always striving to outdo their rival; Dave Inc. Lead by Michael Davidson, it had become the largest retail company in the whole world. Normally it wouldn't be such a big deal, but the Bocker's and the Davidson's were not pleased with each other at all. Melina was too young to remember but something happened at a dinner party, which ended the night with giant food fight. Everyone knew about the family feud. Critics raved that they would love to see both sides come together on The Jerry Springer Show. Every there was an interaction between the families, the media and photographers were right there catching every word.

Melina hated to see her parents face on the supermarket tabloids under some outrageous headline. At first the press wasn't interested in her, but now that she was closer to becoming an adult, everyone wondered if she was going to continue the fight in her parent's name. Melina didn't particularly care to. She had seen the Davidson's in action a few times. They were rude, obnoxious people in her book. As long as they didn't harass her she didn't want to be bothered with them.

On a Friday afternoon, Melina sat down with her lunch at her favorite table. Her best friend Tawny came to sit with her.

"Hey what's wrong?" Tawny asked. "You look down."

"Nothing, just a little depressed." Melina shrugged and rested her head on her hand.

She was always like this. Tawny knew her friend well.

"Well I know something that will cheer you up." She laid her napkin on her lap.

Melina groaned and put her forehead on the table.

"Carrie Henderson's parents are going out of town. That means unauthorized- teen-party." Tawny smiled. "Everybody is invited. Are you going to come with?"

Melina waved her away with her hand and plopped it back down on the table.

"Aww, come on, Mel. Please, I don't want to go alone." Tawny begged.

"Pick up a guy there. You'll be fine."

"Please Melina! Please!"

"Fine. What time?"


The walls of the large house vibrated with the sound of heavy music as the hyper teens jumped around and danced. Neon lights reflected off the disco ball and decorated the dark house with speckles of green, orange and blue. Couples happily occupied the corners and couches and made out.

Melina leaned against the wall and folded her arms. She wore a short, black dress with matching gauntlets and a thin scarf around her neck. She held a cup of un-spiked punch in one hand and a blue Pixie-stic in the other. Tawny was somewhere in the crowd dancing front to rear and getting down. Melina had started to dance when she first got there then claimed she was thirsty and left to get some punch. That was 15 minutes ago. She feel like dancing anymore. Nothing was wrong with just being seen at a party.

Guy Davidson was dancing with a girl in his arms just a few yards out of her line of sight. His eyes kept straying above his partner and right at Melina. He was glad when the song finally ended. Without a word to the other girl, Guy released her and went to his friends upstairs.

"See that girl over there?" Guy motioned toward Melina with his head.

"What about her?" Peter asked.

"Who is she?" Guy checked her out.

"That's Melina Bocker." Josh said. "Richest girl in school, takes ballet lessons, piano lessons, flute lessons. She's in one of my classes. Quiet, has lots of friends, and guys are always after her. She blows them off though. If you're thinking about getting with her, you can forget it."

Guy's eyes dropped down to her smooth legs. They moved up slowly past the arm draped across her flat stomach and to her breast. He licked his lips.

"I can get her."

"I got friends that were her victims. Want to bet on that?" Peter said.

"You're on. Five-hundred." Guy shook hands with Peter.

They all watched as another guy walked over to Melina. They exchanged a few words before he finally walked away with his head down in defeat. The dark- haired girl watched him go triumphantly.

Guy ran a hand through his golden locks and walked casually up to her. Josh and Peter watched closely.

"Hey, what's up?" He said.

"Pollution." Melina said dryly.

Not good, he thought. Better try the "nice guy" approach.

Guy outstretched his hand. "I'm Guy Davidson."

Melina finally looked at him. "Davidson? As in Dave Incorporated Davidson?"

Guy smiled and put his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I'm the owners son."

That ought to impress her. It always did.

"Get lost." Melina turned her attention back to the dance.


"I am not allowed to associate with a Davidson." Melina put her cup down and opened her Pixie-Stic.

Guy went silent in thought for a moment. "Wait, are you William Bocker's daughter?"

"Right." Melina swallowed some sugar.

"Oh." Guy looked her in the eyes. "Are you sure you aren't allowed to talk to me?"

"Yep. Pretty sure." Melina saw Tawny dancing between two guys. "You Davidson's are hard at hearing, aren't you?"

"Come on. No one is going to tell. Is a small conversation going to hurt?"

She glanced past him and found Josh and Peter staring dead at her. They turned their heads quickly and pretended to be looking at something else.

Melina finished her Pixie Stic and tossed the wrapper on the floor. "Okay."

"All right."

She took his hands in hers and spoke so low that he had to move closer to her to hear.

"You're not like all the other guys I've met." She whispered.

"No?" His hands rested on her hips.

Heh, he thought. I won the bet.

"Nuh-uh. Most guys would run away by now." Her hand rested on the back of his neck. "But you just stay. And you know what that makes you?"

Guy smiled. "What?"

They got closer and touched foreheads. Her blue eyes burned into his like sapphires. Her lips glistened in the light. He caught a faint whiff of strawberries in her long, dark hair.

Her lips barely brushed his ear. "An idiot."

Before the stunned Davidson could react, she pushed away from him and laughed viciously. Melina turned and walked away. Guy watched her go in shock. He returned to his friends in defeat. Peter and Josh couldn't stop laughing at him.

"I told you man!" Peter said. "She is evil!"

Guy pulled five hundred dollars out of his wallet and handed it to Peter. "I believe you now."

"I suggest you find some easier prey." Josh said. "Her friend Tawny is pretty hot. Go with her."

"Nah. I haven't given up yet." Guy put his wallet away.

"Come on, dude. Don't you get it? She's not going to go out with you. She's ruthless, man. She'll eat you alive!" Peter said.

"I know she's not going to be easy. But I've dealt with girls that play 'hard to get'. By tomorrow she'll be begging me for a date. That's what they all do." Guy leaned back against the wall in thought.

"Care to wager on that?" Josh asked.

After Melina left Guy with his mouth hanging open, she found a vacant stool next the bar and sat down. She faced the crowd, resting her elbows on the bar, and crossed her legs. The split in her dress exposed a smooth, lean leg all the way up to her thigh and stopped just short of her buttocks. The sudden appearance of skin caused more than a few heads to turn. Melina ignored their stares and smiles. Tawny came dancing over to her a few minutes later after the song ended.

"Hey," she smiled. "Aren't you going to dance?"

"I danced when we first got here." Melina sighed.

"Are you still depressed?" Tawny turned her head to the side.

Melina nodded.

Tawny took her hand. "Come to the dance floor with me."

Melina groaned. "Nah. I don't want to."

Tawny pulled her. "Come on. Come on."

Melina let her friend drag her into the crowd of people. Coincidentally, Melina's favorite song came on. Both girls started to dance. A few seconds later, two guys came up and started dancing with them. Two more moved behind them and they were sandwiched in between bodies.

Guy and Josh watched them from upstairs. Peter was in a corner somewhere making out with a girl he just met.

"You know what, man?" Josh said. "I think she really blew you off bad."

"Thanks a lot. That helps." Guy said sarcastically.

"No, I mean that she is dancing with Jeremy for Christ's sake! She turned you down to dance with Chester and Harvey. Maybe she likes geeks. If you try being less cool and more geeky, you MIGHT have a chance."

"Yeah right. I'm not going to mess up my image because of a girl."

"Well, I think her taste is way different from the other girls. She doesn't like jocks and she hates pretty boys. She can't stand fake nice guys. And sometimes she even associates with the less popular guys. Like she's charitable to them or something. They don't try to get with her or anything but they like her a lot."

"Yeah, so?"

"Guy, it means you should give up." Josh said. "You are everything she doesn't like in a guy. She doesn't even know you and you're already on her most-hated list."

"How do you know all this Einstein?"

"She lives a few mansions away from me. I've had friends of mine try to pick her up and come back crying."

"You never told me that."

"I know. I didn't think there was a reason to."