Alex the Freak

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It was a awful car crash.
*flash Back*
"Alex,...ALEX! Wake up!"
i hurd my mother cry befor she was taken away. she was screaming,
"I wont my son..." I was only 2 or 3 my mothers calling really meant nothing to me.
In the darkness arms came around me and took me away fromt the crash.
My young age numbed me to the pain that older children might have felt.
I was then taken to what I found out later was a so-called 'scientist's' house.
And he made me into the monster I am today. What, don't you believe me?
Heh, I guess not. Let me 'educate' you.
Let's start with the most obvious features.
My face. I'm not sure what color my hair was originally, but now it has dark blue roots that fade to a pale see-water green that ends right under my ears. Just long enough to cover my eye if I lean down and still short enough to stay out of my eye. But that's not the worst of it. I know every child starts out with two normal eyes that work, but I only have one. It's blood-red without a pupil, which get some funny stares. But at least it works. My other eye is dead, and I cover it with an eyepatch because bullies have a tendency to try and open it, and that hurts like hell.
Pain, that brings up another oddity I live through.
My Back. Lets put this lightly- It's really, really messed up. Some people wish they could fly, have wings. Well, I'm walking, breathing proof no human should have them. The words 'pain' and 'back' are one in the same in my dictionary. Big, black wings, the type you see on the Grim Reaper. Cool huh? Wrong.
God damn it! I just want to be like everybody else. I want my biggest worry to be I don't have any clean laundry. I wish I had even a dysfuncionaly family, 'cause at least then I'd have one.
I want to have a normal body with no wings, no freaky eye, eyes, plural, and no shady past. I don't want cool hair or eyes.
I just don't want to be instantly classified as a freak when I walk by.
I want to be Alex the human not of Alex the freak.

end chp. 1