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"You should go home Dean." I was hugging Dean who was sitting in my lap (thank you god for this!). I pushed him off and to the left. I know that sounded.. well... like an adult, and Dean's face said the same, so I explained. "I mean you'll get hurt if you stay here. I don't ever want you to get hurt." Dean shrugged. "But I don't want to leave you. I want to stay here with you, forever." He explained. "You can't! I ... I don't want you getting hurt." Dean gave me the puppy- dog eyes. I wonder for a minute if there is anyone in all hell and creation who can withstand Dean staring at them with big, brown eyes about to cry. I know I can't! "Well. Maybe you can stay here on more night." I conceded. "But..." I added. "You have to stay here." "Why?" Dean wondered "The scientist who made me ... who I am today wants me back." I muttered.

*Somewhere else* "Why does Alex like that little pansy boy?" Someone mutters "Brian? Should we always be watching him? (I mean, what could he do when he's changing?) Doesn't everyone deserve some alone time?" "We can't let him and Dean 'do anything' if you know what I mean. Everything we've worked so hard for would go very wrong." The doctor answered. "Hey Jonathon. What can we do to get rid of that interfering brat...?" "Kill him. What else?" The doctor had an evil grin on his face. "We have given Alex everything he needed in live, a house, a good school; we even keep him safe! And how does he repay us?! He falls in love! That damn kid." Brian looked at Jonathan. "Could we kill him with out anyone else knowing? Could we get away with it?" "Well.of course Brian. I got a plan" Jonathan walked off into the other room.

xXx XxX xXx

Jonathan was on the phone with Darren (YES! Dean's brother Darren!) "Hello Darren. Brian and I need you to help us, if you know what I mean." Jonathan laughed at the thought. "I need you to kill off a person. He is getting to close to Alex. We don't want that now do we?" "I know what to do. What's the brat's name, anyway? Almost doesn't matter, kiddie don't stand a chance" He laughs until Jonathan said his brothers name. "WHAT?! I mean... yes. I'll kill him." Softly he mutters "What have I got to lose?" Then he starts laughing again.

XxX xXx XxX (Darren talking to his 'group' about what they are going to do about Dean)

"Ok. You get it don't you" Darren asked his two co-workers "You can't kill him, he is my brother you know. Make sure he gets a good beating," He grumbles "I don't want our 'employer' to get any ideas" "Yes sir." They grunted. Darren smiled. The one thing you can always count on when you're a bad guy is having henchmen with the mental capacity of a rock. All the smart people never went into the thug business. Cronies were required to be dumber than a doornail, so Darren didn't have to worry about his sidekicks telling anyone. They probably couldn't even form the syllables. XxX xXx XxX

That night they came and took Dean. I woke up to his yelling. "Dean!" I yelled looking around the house for him. I ran outside and Dean was lying there on the ground, broken like the fragile creature he reminds me of. I took him in my arms, with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew him being here had been too good to be true. Afraid to speak to him because I knew he would never answer, I called the hospital. With a heavy heart I explained that one of my 'school friends' had been walking over and I just found him outside my house. The woman on the other end of the phone seemed astounded that my voice never cracked or broke, she though I would make a great cop. I knew the truth. My Dean, the love of my life, my heart, was dead. And I killed him. If Dean had never come here, I know he wouldn't have been killed my some random gang getting their kicks late at night. Murder by association. It was my fault. Mine.

And yet... I rushed back to his side. "Dean?" I whispered, afraid to wake him. He looked like he was just resting, like any moment he would wrinkle his eyes, stretch and wake up. Spread out on the pavement, Dean looked like an angel. His head turned to one side, arms thrown out to his sides, and legs curled slightly. I might have believed that too, but it was impossible to miss the red smears all over my angel, the awkward bend to his arm, his ripped clothes. The labored breathing... Wait. ...Breathing? Suddenly I heard screaming about an ambulance, and it took several minutes for me to realize it was I screaming. When the EMT's finally arrived (after what felt like hours) they refused to allow me to ride in the truck with them and my precious, my alive Dean, so I ran after then all the way to the local hospital in all it's sterile glory. Again, I was refused entrance, so I badgered the nurse into at least telling me was wrong with him before I submitted to the police for questioning. They say Dean is in a coma. They don't know when he will open his wonderful brown eyes. After the police are sure I am innocent, I spend all my available time with him, so much that the staff knows me by name and they have a chair left by Dean at all times. All I can do I sit next to him hoping and praying that one day he will be ok. "Go home young man. Visiting hours were over at 8 o'clock" the same doctor tells me, just like yesterday and the day before. "Good night love." I say every time I leave. "Good night"

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