Once upon a time, my grandfather's kingdom was great. Its vast acreage spanned four climates; millions of creatures from all different species of our world bowed down and swore their allegiance to my grandparents. But all this was lost in a needless war that spanned nearly a decade and claimed the lives of countless citizens. Afterwards, my parents began the slow rebuilding of our land.

It was a long, laborious process, but by their eighteenth year of reign, they had restored the kingdom to its original greatness. By their twentieth year, the nation was enjoying the most prosperous times in its long history. My parents, the noble King Shane Raphen and the just Queen Luna Drianna Raphen of the Creote Clan, are legends to the people now- my people.

There are poems written, songs sung, and portraits drawn in their honor. And I, their son, King Shane Raphen II, rule in their memory.