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Chapter 1: The queer young man

Dark. It was all dark. she was standing there dressed in the weirdest clothes imaginable. An unclear figure was beside her. A young man? It was in a vast scenic land. Rocks. there were rocks everywhere. They tumbled. They almost hit the young man...

Rika woke up from her dream by the sound of her alarm clock. It was 7:30. It was the usual timethe young teenage girlwoke up. Another minute. She thought rolling over.

"Rika!!!!" came the yell of her Aunt Lian, "Time for school!"

"Okay Aunt Lian!" Rika yelled back. She had been living with her aunt ever since her mother died. Giving birth to you, her aunt would say. Rika doubted it. Then from what she was told, her father disappered.

Rika got up tiredly. Like her usual morning routine, she went to the bathroom and washed her face. As she did so, she pulled her light brown hair back into a ponytail. She grumbled to herself as she rubbed her emerald-green eyes and finished getting dressed within the bathroom. She threw on her favorite blue tank top and paired it with her favorite black pants. She examined herself in the mirror before she decided she was good. Rika ran down the stairs with her cousin, Tyrin,right behind her. The smell of fried eggs and bacon filled her nostrils.

"Smells great!" commented Rika as she and her cousin sat down.

"Kira cooked." Informed her Uncle.

"I'm not sure we want to eat that, right Rika?" asked Tyrin jokingly.

"Shut up, Tyrin. Like you could do better." Said Kira. She served the eggs and bacon.

Rika ate it rather quickly and raced out the door. "Bye!" she yelled back. She stopped running, she didn't need to make it that early to school. She was always early ans so were her friends. Just then she ran into something hard. She looked up to see a young man about her age wearing the strangest clothes: black pants, black shirt, black long cloak. He had shoulder length raven black hair and green eyes, the same as Rika's.

"Sorry,"The green-eyed teenagerapologized, "I wasn't watching."

"No sorry it's my fault. I'm Saku," introduced the youth.

"I'm Rika, nice to meet you," greeted Rika.

Saku's eyes widened. "What's your last name?"

"Sorukeiy, why?" questioned Rika.

"Nothing. Um...nice name." Replied Saku and disappered in a wisp of black smoke.

Rika, who thankfully was the only one to see him disappear, was terrified, but she continued walking in the direction of her school.

After a while she spotted her friends sitting on a bench outside. "Rika!!!!" yelled her friend Steven.

"Hi Steven. Hi Tasha, hi Kaeri." Rika replied dully.

"Whats wrong?" asked Natasha. The young girl eyed her friend. Normally Rika was a bubble full of randomness and life, but today she seemed off. The young girl played with her brunette locks as she waited for an answer. Much like her best friend, Rika, she also wore a pair of black pants. The two girls actually bought them on the same day. Along with the black pants, she wore a red shirt (her personal favorite mainly because it said The World Needs More Brunettes) with a black jacket over it.

"Nothing Tasha," answered Rika.

"Liar." Commented Kaeri. Kaeri, somewhat like her other two friends, was a tomboy-ish girl that usually didn't wear anything "too girly". Her normal attire consisted comfortable clothes of tan capris and anything green. Sometimes she would mismatch her clothes with her shoes and it really bugged Natasha to no end, but she nor Rika would say anything.

Rika sighed, "I met this weird guy and stuff."

"Weird guy? Sounds familiar," muttered Stevenas he jerked a thumb in the direction of Kaeri.

"No Steven, sorry." Commented Kaeri as she sent the boy a glare.

Steven laughed as he messed with messy black hair and lifted his glasses further up his nose. There were only two boys that hung around the girls - Steven was one of the two. Unlike the other friend, Vincent, Steven was a stocky boy who was about the size of a football player (he was really bad with the sport, though). He usually hung around the girls because the other guys in school would call him extremely wierd, but the girls didn't mind. Besides, he was their muscle when they needed something.

The girls' reputations followed them wherever they went. They weren't exactly the popular girls of the school, but they were definitely well-known. As a group they were known to be the group who would stand up for others. Rika and Natasha were the leaders of the group and both had been friends since first grade.

Although complete opposites, they got along well and often complimented each other. The teachers would call them troublemakers, but generally the school staff liked the girls. Rika was usually the lazy one of the two and would fall asleep during class or they would catch her writing, but she managed to pull of good grades. Natasha was the more tempermental of the two. She was intelligent and witty, but loved to procrastinate, but like Rika, she also pulled off good grades.

Another thing about the group was they were all in band, as odd as it seemed with their personalities. Natasha, Kaeri and Rika all played the flute, Steven, Vincent and another friend of their's, Li, played the clarinet. They were the life of the party in band and were extremely experienced musicians. After all, you would expect sophomores to be.

Rika looked around. "Where's Li?" she asked.

"That's funny, she was just here..." answered Natasha as her red eyes gazed around the school. About the only strange thing about the group was that Natasha was the only one with a wierd eye color. Unlike her friends who had normal eye colors, she had deep ruby red eyes.

"HI!" came the shrill voice of Li.

"Hi Li." Greeted Rika.

"HI!" Li greeted back.

"Where were you? Searching for pigeons?" asked Steven.

"PIGEONS! Nope, no pigeons,"Li murmured with a cute pout. The young 15-year-old girl was the sweetest one of the group. Although she was lively and upbeat (as well as being a spaz, as Natasha dubbed her), she was still scary when she got mad. Every time the girls found her she was doing either of several things: fixing her light curls, practicing her clarinet or trying to find and capture pigeons. The young girl had an unnatural obsession with the birds.

The bell rang to go to class. Steven and Li went to English first, Natasha had Science and Rika and Kaeri had PE. They said goodbye and went into the direction of their classes. Rika had a different teacher than Kaeri. Rika had Mr. Sonato and Kaeri had Mrs. Quaznel. Rika walked over to her engraved number. It was number 25. she laughed at the thought that last year she was 42.

"Today we will run, and keep running and run until your legs fall off!" her teacher told the class.

"You could say what we are going to run, today." Suggested a girl. Nichole was her name, she was one of Rika's friends that didn't hang out with her that much.

The class laughed. Mr. Sonato smiled. "Go get changed."

The day went quite smoothly for Rika and before you knew it, it was lunch. Lunch was one of the most important things in school. Well, it was for Rika. Every lunch the group of friends would eat slowly then go crazy and have fun! Let me rephrase that: they had 5 minutes to eat then they had to go out to that boring place called the field.

Not that it was boring or anything, but the group felt...normal. They felt this way because they would usually stay at theband roomat lunch. But someone had trashed the place andnow they couldn't go there any more.

"Cheer up guys, wedo need to be special but let's try to be normal for now," suggested Li as her chestnut brown eyes watched her friends sulk as they dragged their feet towards the field.

"You're right Li," Natasha reluctantly agreed.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Freaka and her band of merry freaks." Came a voice behind them.

There behind them stood Rika's worst, no, evilest enemy: Kori Inoue. Next to Kori was his best friend Kareico Saiga. Behind the two boys were a group of girls fawning over them. The two boys were easily the hottestand most popular boys in the school. Kori's dark blue eyes and shoulder-length black hair (which was easily tied back into a small ponytail) and Kareico's messy light brown hair and ice blue eyes could easily send a girl swooning. Of course, Natasha and Kareico resented it.

The four had known each other since first grade and their "relationship" had been rocky since the start. All four would be competing with each other on everything: grades, fights, sports...anything.

"Go drool over a Barbie doll somewhere, Kori." Rika commented dryly as she sent a glare in Kori's direction.

"Barbie doll? Why doesn't he drool over a Ken?!" snapped a clearly annoyed Natasha, her red eyes blazing. According to both Natasha and Rika a barbie doll and ken were really popular people who had an annoying habit of picking on everybody and everything in their sight

Rika burst out laughing as did Steven and Li. "Good one Tasha!" she said between laughs.

"I don't get it. Wait, oh.hahahaha! I get it!" Kaeri also burst out laughing (now that she got it).

"Oh? Really? You do need to brush your hair Rika. Did you know that?" mocked Kori.

"Argggg! BAKA ONORE LEAVE ME ALONE!" screamed Rika.

"Fine, but do take my advice. Let's go Kareico." Kori said simply as he walked away.

"Just wait! I'll kill him someday!" Rika screamed as she was dragged away from her friends. As Natasha helped drag her friend away, she was sending a glare in the boys' retreating forms.

"Are you positive it's her?" asked a woman.

"Yes. Rika. The same Rika we've been searching for. For the past16 years we've been searching and she was right under our noses!" yelled Saku aggravated as he sat down in a chair

"Calm your self Saku. Follow her. Follow her until your sure she's the one. No even better, be like a friend, question her, get her to trust you. I know you will not let me down," said the woman calmly as she rubbed her temples and kept her eyes trained on the young man

"Yes, your majesty. But what if she is her?" asked Saku.

"Bring her to me." answered the woman.

Saku bowed and then rose a neat eyebrow, "And the boy?"

"Yes, yes. The boy and the rest of them. Now go!" screamed the woman finallyirritated.

"You didn't have to yell." Commented Saku quietly as he once again disappeared with a black cloud of smoke. The woman merely rolled her eyes.

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