By kenishiro
{If you ever felt low on self-esteem, I hope this poem will lift you or rather change your perception of yourself and world.}

Do you believe in coincidence?
Where things can just happen,
Do you believe in fate?
Where your life is dated,
Or do you doubt your existence?
Feeling you're not here,
Why do you felt your life drained?
As if your will are just a piece of paper, waiting to be torn.

Why do you ask these questions?
And yet you also knew all the answers,
Why do you sway to current?
When you can be the force of the waves,
Why do you even think that you're ordinary?
When God created all life special,
And again why do you ask these questions?
And yet the answers are already in the grasped of your hand.

Would you stand firm? Or rather yield?
When you know you are...

Feedback: Yes, please. Constructive criticism appreciated as well.