Caging the Beautiful Beast

By: Obsidian Night


With fur so bright

Run the woods

Show your might

Running free

Till the man that comes

Throws the net

Caged you've become


Trapped are you

In cage of steal

Moonlight is the only

Soothing thing to feel

Man is no better

With his cage of society

Locked within

Bars of life

A cage of steal

Holding tight

Caging the wolf

No matter your might

Mighty wolf

Reduced to a pet

Unhappy creature

Caught in a net

Ball and chain

Whipped and tired

The wolf has lost

The situation dire

Fate has been cruel

To such a creature

Your beauty vast

But how much longer will that last?

Your cage of steal suffocates

Holding you so tight

The wolf cries out

With all it's might

And still it survives and suffers through life…