Lindsey checked her hair once again. The first day of school was all about making good impressions, and she wasn't about to get off on the wrong foot senior year. Of course she was being too paranoid; she was a straight A student and a bit of a teachers pet, but you can never be to cautious. She smoothed her navy blue skirt and buttoned her starched, white colored shirt; nothing exciting, but she managed to pull it off without looking half bad; one might even call her very pretty. She had braided her dark brown hair into pigtails, but already some strands were falling on her face and into her bright green eyes. Too late to do anything about it now; she quickly slipped on her shoes, got her bag and was out the door.

She climbed into her red Jetta and was down her street in no time. Her parents had gotten her the car for her sixteenth birthday. Her dad was a wealthy lawyer and her parents could afford to award good grades such things as a car. Lindsey loved her parents, but knew that if she was anything less than the best, she would be considered an embarrassment to the family. Sometimes being an only child could be hard.


Lindsey sat in homeroom and waited for class to start. She checked her watch and realized that she was early as usual. She looked around her. Another boy sat in the corner reading. He was good looking with messy brown hair. He looked up at her and she quickly looked away. She hadn't had much experience with guys and was still a bit shy around them. She hadn't liked the guys she had dated very much. They were always from the math club or chess club; a bit too nerdy for her liking. Even when they would go on dates and such, they never really did anything. After several more minutes of day dreaming, Lindsey looked up and was surprised to see that the classroom was almost full. A smiling man stood in front of the class and on the board was written Mr. Andrews.

"Hello, class," said the short man, "I am Mr. Andrews and I will be your home room teacher for the year. If you have any problems, feel free to talk to me. Senior year can be a hard one," he stopped to take a breath and hand out schedules. Talking broke out in the class room again. Lindsey looked around. All the students seemed to know each other already. Old faces and new faces all laughed and caught up on what had happened over the summer. Lindsey had to admit she really hadn't had a lot of time in high school to form close friendships. She had several good friends, but that was pretty much it.

A girl at the desk next to Lindsey was talking to her friend, "Yeah, heard he's done time. Drugs and drinking -really acted up. Transferred here to start off with a clean slate," Lindsey turned away when she realized that the two girls were staring at her. She wanted to hear more of the conversation, but the bell rang and it was time to start a new school year. By the looks of her schedule, she had math first. She picked up her bag pack and slowly navigated through the halls in attempt to find the math room.