By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,everyone on the entire planet Earth have a few yearnings.
For example:Kelly O'Donnell was a Cleveland Police Department patrol officer for about five years--and was in a living hell of boredom,for she actually yearns to be a high profile movie star in Hollywood.
But instead of following that dream,Kelly was conned by her father to go to the Police Academy and train to become a police officer just like her old man.
At first,she had done so to make her father happy.
But five years later,she had suddenly realized that it was a really big mistake.
And so,after she had called her parents and told them that she had quit her Cleveland P.D. job for a better one in Hollywood.
After that,she had packed her bags and moved herself out to Ol' Tinseltown,where she was hoping to get herself a gig in the movies.
Just then,after she had entered the Paramount Pictures studio lot,Kelly had walked over to the casting office and told them that she was ready for her close up.
However,they had told her that it wasn't going to happen,unless she had gotten herself an agent and lots of experience.
Luckily for her,another wannabe actress named Jessica Mortelli had discovered that Kelly was having the same problems as she had and was offering to help.
After they had left the Paramount studios,Jessica had taken Kelly to the loft apartment of her friend,Zane Strangefellow,who had agreed to help Kelly get her acting carrer off the ground.
But in order for him to do so,he has to take some photos of a bare Kelly to sell to Playboy magazine.
Then,after he had shot frame after frame of Kelly in her birthday suit,Zane had submitted the photos to Hugh Hefner care of the Playboy Mansion.
A week later,Hugh had invited Kelly over to the Mansion,so that he was able to meet her.
A meeting and handshake later,Kelly's centerfold had appeared in the magazine's April issue and it had got her an agent,who had gotten Kelly her big break in the movies.
Kelly's first move was entitled SPANNER'S GALAXY,which had Brad Pitt as her co-star.
Now,whoever said that you'll never follow your dreams by posing in an adult magazine hadn't seen Kelly O'Donnell,Playboy's April Playmate of the Month starring in SPANNER'S GALAXY,the hottest sci-fi movie of the year.