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Chapter 1: Game

"Kinetics was one of those schools that always had something going on. It was one of those schools that children always dreamed about going to because it seemed there was never a dull moment there, and in truth there probably wasn't. But if your a grownup and truely knew about the kind of students that went there you would freak out whenever your own child mention about wanting to go to that type of school.

You see Kinetics isn't a school for bad teenagers but more so for what normal people would call "Freaks." No disrespect meant of course. Let me start at the begining and give you a breif rundown on the history of Kinetics and the students that go to it.

Back in 1956 there was an leak at one of the Local Chemicals plants back in the states. The chemicals got mixed in the water and anyone who drank the water soon got strange powers. The powers of course spread from generation to generation some of the powers lay dormant in the people, one such person was J. Holmes, a man who is related to the very principle of Kinetics right now. Holmes became a master of his abilities after he discovered them and soon started to teach people how to control them better but as more people started to come he had to get help and soon the ideal for the school called Kinetics sprung up.

Kinetics is of course short for Telekinetic, the power that Holmes family was famous fo----"


The bell rang loudly through the school signaling time for class change as Flare Constance reached over and turned off the DVD that had been playing. She looked over toward her students that were currently fleeing the class and wonder if it was even worth the effort to remind them there history projects were due in two weeks when they came back from vacation when she caught some of the students passing by her desk conversations.

"Can you believe that video called us freaks?" The first girl asked angerily.

"Say are you going to the soccar game tonight?" The second girl asked changing the subject quickly before her friend could get started up on a tirad. The first girl got little hearts in her eyes as she nodded enthusatically.

"Oh of course Angel Kuns team is playing tonight against Nixs!"

"Angel Kun?" The second girl asked as they started to walk out the door.

"Thats what he told me to cal---" The rest of the conversation was lost to Flare but she couldn't help but shake her head in laughter at the name "Angel Kun". Angel was one of her students and she couldn't see Angel letting anyone call him "Angel Kun" not even his closets friends.


"Angel, Were leaving tomorrow morning and you haven't even packed yet." A girl whinned out in a pitiful voice before jumping onto the messy kingsize bed and tackling what appeared to be a boy of 17 years old.

The girl grinned slightly as she rocked back and forth on the bed ignoring the maons of protest coming from the occupant.

"Sarath, I'm feeling slightly generous this morning so I'm going to let you decide, Either get off my bed by choice, or get thrown off by force." Angel told her angerily as he pulled the covers over his head, securring them there tightly.

"Gah, Don't be such a grump Angel." The girl, Sarath, chidded as she reached out tiny pale hands and grasped the covers. She pulled on them slightly as she started to speak again. "We.Have.To.Pack.Before.Your.Pratice." Sarath stopped as she let out a yelp of surprise and was flung backwards onto the floor, a dizzy look apparent on her small face.

"Angel Kun..." The girl started once again as the dizziness faded away. A loud yell of irrititation was followed soon after the "Kun".

"Alright, Alright I'll get up and pack and go to pratice just leave me in peace already." Angel told her as he threw the warm covers off himself and onto the floor. He stood up and shivered slightly from the coldness of the room as he glanced at his little sister.

"Are you going to leave so I can get dressed or am I going to have to start "War" talking again?" He asked smirking inwardly as Sarath let out a small Eep of of fright and scattered out of the room in a hurry. It was a little of a low blow to scare the girl out of his room by talking about War, something his sister couldn't help but hate, but whatever worked.

"Everytime you drop the Bomb you kill the god your child has born..." Angel mumbled out in a sing song voice as he walked slowly over to a large white dresser. He couldn't blame his sister for how she felt, even if he didn't agree whole heartidly with her on the subject. (Actually he really didn't care as it was none of his concern.) She was a kind and caring person, she didn't like seeing deaths, the very thought of it made her sick to her stomach, Angel had reason to believe part of it was because of an accident when she was 13 but shrugged it off.

Sarath was rather small for her age, it was hard to believe she was 15 years old with the way she looked. He could picture his sister in his mind now, exactly how she had looked only minutes ago. She was small, obviosly, standing around 5'2 in height. She looked to only weight 90 pounds and had long waist length wavey brown hair. Her eye were pale blue and held this strange light of innocene in them.

Angel on the other hand, looked nothing like his younger sister, and he noticed this quiet well as he stood looking in the mirror in his bathroom.

Angel was tall, around 5'8 in height. He probably weighed almost 135 pounds, which wasn't a whole lot for an 18 year old guy. He had (natural) messy silver hair that one could never do anything with, no matter how many times he try to brush it, it'd always end up the same in the end so he finally gave up on trying a few years back, his bangs were long and hung down in his face slightly sheilding violet colored eyes from the world around him letting know one into his mind.

All in all Angel usually came off as a cold hearted person, something he wasn't really. (Of course he didn't let anyone know that ^_~!)

A loud beeping was heard in the room startling Angel out of his thoughts. He poked his head out of the bathroom door to glance at a small alarm clock beside his bed and noticed the numbers "11:30" flash back and forth in neon green lettering.

"Ah damn, I'm going to be late for pratice and I haven't even started to pack so I can leave tomorrow." He muttered under his breath as he hurried out of the bathroom and shut the door quietly behind him. He grabbed a black and white soccar ball from underneath his computer desk and ran out of the room in a hurry to get to the Kinetics Gym.


"Hey Belts over here!" A girl shouted as she slide to a stop in front of the Gym door a small grin on her tan face. The girl was Atora Parker, one of the people you didn't want to mess with when she was in a bad mood. She was fairly tall for a girl, standing at 5'6, but skinny only weighing 113 making her quick on her feet. Shr brushed Lavender and Blue streaked bangs out of her face revealing Aymthest colors eye glinting in joy as the person she had shouted to suddenely grinned as and stopped in front of her, boucning a green and white ball on his knee.

Belts was fairly tall, standin at 5'8,He had messy orange and black streaked hair, and dark blue colored eyes that always heald a look of misheif. He was the schools pratical joker, though he knew when to be serious when it was important. "Heh, Are you sure you can catch it widdle Atora?" Apparnetly this wasn't one of those times.

"Damn it Belts, either you kick that ball to me or your percious collection gets hacked into pieces..." Atora threatened as Belts suddenely paled slightly. He stopped bouncing the ball noticing the girl was serious and instead grasped it firmly within his hands. He tossed it high into the air and jumped up after it spinning around slightly with his right leg stuck out and giving it a good swift kicked towards the girl.

It sailed threw the air making its way quickly the impatient target before suddenely veering off course and heading towards the last occupant who was currently in the gym. Atora and Belts winced when a loud yelp and a furry of curses were soon followed.

"Alright who threw this towards me?" The girl asked angerily putting down what she had been silently reading and holding out a deflated soccar ball. The girl was same height as Atora and looked to weigh only a little more then Atora, being a little on the pudgy side (She really only ways 120.). Dark orange eyes glared dangerously at the two from behind bright yellow bangs as she started to make her ways towards them.

"It wasn't us Evelyne, believe me. It somehow changed direction..." Atora said laughing lightly as the girl, Evelyne only glared harder.

"Oh but for it to do that a telekinetic would of had to do it and I don't see one here do you?" She asked as she suddenely turned towards the Gym enterance. Angel stood there tyring not to double over in laughter but was failing.

"You have nothing to laugh about Angel. Your late after all and YOU scheledue this pratice."

"See.." Belts whispered to Atora. "I told you our true captin was Eve." Atora snorted in laughter as Belts grinned, both earning a glare from Evelyne and a smile from Angel.

"Well you do know what they say "Behind every man there's a woman." But..." Angel stopped and grinned as he glanced over at Evelyne. "I can assure you the last woman I'd ever want behind me making desicion is Evelyne."

"Like a woman ever would. All you know how to do is sleep in and worry over your sister."

"Its called caring maybe if you had a heart you'd understand." Angel said as Evelyne just smiled at having pushed Angel's buttons. She loved seeing how mad she could get people and because of this no one ever stayed mad at her for long and knew what she was saying was in good jest.

"Its called praticing, maybe you should try it." Evelyne replied back as she threw the ball at him with a powerful force. Angel caught it with ease.

"Fine then, lets. Atora, Sarath not going to be praticing with us today so your goalie."

Yessir!!!" Atora cheered as she skipped towards the gaol. Belts sighed shaking his head as Evelyne and Angel glared at each other.

"This is going to be very painful."


"Ja Hashi! I'll stop by later after class!!" Sarath shouted as she waved goodbye to her friend. She smiled cheerfully to herself as she started to walk backwards down the hallway humming silently to herself.

"Can't you see that you're smothering me, Holding too tightly, Afraid to lose control, 'Cause everything that you thought I would be, Has fallen apart right in front of you" She grinned and turned around when she had finally finished off the rest of the song. It was Numb by Linkin Park from the new album. She had literally begged Angel to buy her that album and he had finally did it, of course that was 2 weeks later.

"Only because he pities you." A voice sneered out angerily as Sarath turn around to look at the person who was talking to her.

"Kenya." Sarath commented coldly all cheerfullness gone from her voice as she stared hard at the girl. Kenya wasn't much taller then Sarath, standing at what she guessed was around 5'4. Crimson red hair cascaded gently down to her knees and every now and then pieces of it would be braided, mixing with the black streaks in her hair. Jade Green eyes glinted in silent joy at seening the younger girl already riled up at just one comment.

"Are you participating in the game tonight?" Kenya asked sweetly, her personality doing an complete 180 already.

"Of course." Sarath said smirking slightly. "Someone has to stop your cheating shots ne?"

Kenya laughed lightly and closed her eyes in silent thought before finally speaking. "Funny, I thought it was your brother team that cheated. I mean he is accustomed to it after all isn't he?"

"You take that back." Sarath shouted as she tackled the elder girl to the floor. Kenya let out a yelp of what seemed to be suprise and pain as her head connected the castles concert floors.

"You take that back now or else." Sarath shouted again as she raised her fist in order to hit Kenya in the face. "Angel is no cheater. He always wins fair and square..."

"Sarath! Kenya!" A man yelled angerily as Sarath suddenely froze stiff.


"Where is she the games about to start." Atora questioned worriedly as she paced up and down the locker room floors in a nervous fashion. There were 6 locker rooms each one appointed to each team, for both Soccer and Matches they had for those who'd rather fight. The Kinetic Team (Angel named the team Kinetic after his own powers, partly because he liked the name, and partly because he wasn't feeling very creative, but not after the school.)locker room was about the size of a normal locker room and was painted in 4 different colors, one for each wall. One wall was black and had a row of 6 lockers up against it, another was dark green and had a long bench which was currently holding a black and silver soccer ball. The third wall was Dark Blue and a mirror was propped up against it. Belts stood there in front of the mirror buckling what looked to be belts around his neck, shirts, and pants.

The final and Fourth wall was Silver colored. A door was placed in front of it leading to the outside and up above it painted in gold lettering was the words "Kinetics".

"She? What about him? An..." Evelyne started before she was quickly enterupted by the door to the locker room opening.


"We have to forfeit the game."

"We have to what?" Evelyne asked as Angel looked over towards her.

"We have to forfeit the game. I need you to go tell the officals."

"Fine but tell us why first?" Evelyne said as Angel sighed.

"We have no goalie thats why."

"What do you mean we have no goalie? What about Sarath?" Belts asked stepping forward towards Atora.

"Sarath just got suspended for 2 weeks, starting after we come back from vacation. But she isn't allowed to play tonight."

"Innocent little Sarath? Suspended? How in the hell..." The three chorused at once as Angel held up his hands for silence and leaned against the wall.

"Innocent little Sarath met up with not so innocent Kenya, who pushed Sarath buttons in all the right places getting her riled up. Holmes found Sarath pinning Kenya to the floor about ready to knock her lights out. I've just come from Holmes office which was why I was late. I had to calm Sarath down."

"I imagine she was shooken up over this." Evelyne said nodding in understanding as Angel shrugged.

"I'm not sure if she was upset or not. I was just trying to hold her and keep her from attacking Kenya again. Now could you please go and tell them we forfeit?" Angel asked as Evelyne nodded and headed towards the door Angel had just came in.

(Lol, I just noticed while rereading that, that didn't sound right at all Gomen I mean she was about ready to punch her.)

"No doubt Nix planned this." Belts started. "I'd say we just keep playing to see the look of suprise on his face."

"Thats sucide." Atora argued turning around to glare at him. "I'd rather loose because we have no goalie and need to forfeit then because of our own stupidity."

"I agree with Atora."

"But what if we could still win."

"We have no Goalie Belts. Atora good but she's no Sarath, and thats who we need. Sarath as our goalie and Atora out there making the goals." Angel said as Atora looked over at him in thought.

"Sarath was teaching Hashi yanno. Maybe he could..."

"Maybe but I doubt it. Besides he isn't even here." Angel said cutting her off with a quick wave of his hand.

"Nani? Were is he?" Belts asked as he shrugged in response.

"As far as I know he's down in the Art room with Ultra."

"Planning how your going to announce your defeat?" A loud voice questioned from the doorway. The new occupant of the room looked over at a Atora smiling slightly as she rolled her eyes.

"Something you must be estatic about since that is the only way you could beat us." Angel said icingly as he turned around to glare at the person. "What the hell do you want Nix?"

"Heh, I was just curious to see what the lesser beings were up to." Nix said innocently as he walked further into the Locker room. "Oh and... There was no way you'd win anyways Angel, not without your goalie. Atora just way to new."

"You don't have to be good to block your shots." Atora mumbled blushing lightly as Nix grinned and looked her way.

"Well you would know about my shots wouldn't you?" He asked winking slightly.

"Nix get out now! Go to your own locker room."

"Alright, Alright I'll leave. See you in 2 weeks." He called out as he winked again at a disgusted looking Atora.


"My thoughts exactly." Belted muttered as he walked over to Atora and slid his arms around her waist. He rested his chin lightly on her shoulders as Evelyne walked back into the room and nodded to Angel.

"They understand and have accepted it."


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