The Story of the Entranced Magpie.

This magpie unlike many other of his brothers was a kind a loving fellow. He was compassionate, one time when he saw a cricket all alone starving to death he decided to help him out. Instead of letting it suffer he decided to eat him and put him out of his misery. But, one day he found a coin. This was a beautiful coin, so shiny, so very shiny. This object entranced the magpie, he decided to take it and put it in his nest. Just so that he could stare at all day. So for a few days he was content. Nothing could stop him from staring except for of course when he absolutely needed to eat. Even when his best friend the blue jay came up to him for the most exciting news, "Hey Magpie! You won't believe what I found! Farmer John has forgot to put up the bird fence, so the seeds are just our there for the picking. We better hurry, or else the crows will eat all the seeds and farmer John will blame us." But the magpie did not here anything. He was just entranced by the coin. So the days went by but soon because of all the fondling the coin did not have that beautiful shine anymore. "NO!" he screamed, " the precious, the precious has no more shine! No more shine for the precious! Must find more precious shine, more precious shine. Precious." So was the magpie's descent into madness. He searched out for more shiny things, that he called precious. He stole Farmer John's watch, pebbles, and even pieces of glass! Just because he loved to see things shine. Soon he just stooped eating all together! He was just thinking of places in which there would be a lot of shiny things. Then he started losing all his friends. He never ever went to see them. Heck, when they came to see him all he was considered about was that they would not try and steal his shiny things. Take this for example, one day Blue Jay went over there and brought some seeds and worms, since he had not seen him for over a week. When he came over, he saw that magpie had made some changes. First his original nest was made into a something like a graveyard. It seems that all things that lost their shine was here. Then once he had gotten deeper it was like some cult gathering. It was very dark, only a few candles to light up it up. Also there were worm sacrifices! This had gotten to far he thought, he had to snap magpie out of this! "Magpie!" he yelled, "you have to stop this! Worm sacrifices? A shiny thing graveyard? Don't you know what has happened to you? You have gone insane, it is these shiny things! The shiny things have gotten a hold of you!" "Bah" Magpie said, "I love the shiny, the shiny is my friend! I thinks that they deserve another sacrifice! Now, I think you Blue Jay will be just the sacrafice!" Blue Jay, stepped back afraid, what was Magpie thinking? He must have gone crazy, with that notion he quickly flies out of his nest leaving the food because he was still his friend. So, Magpie spent the rest of his days praying over the shiny things. He was so devoted to them that he actually ate them before he died. So, to this day that is why Magpies are so attracted to shiny things. To honor the one who devoted his life to such a foolish thing.

Moral: He who becomes obsessed looses all the things he holds deer, friends, family, and even your health.