Author's Note: Just to say that the bad spelling and grammar is purposeful, for the characters profile kind of thing . . . Tell me what you think of it (aka. R&R!!)!!!

Oh, and another thing . . . the names have nothing what so ever to do with the Blue Brothers at all. It was kind of an accident and plus, they sound like the gangster sort.
The car broke down on the way to the jeweler's. Of all the ways we could have stuffed up, we had to break down before we even got there. How on earth were we going to get the money now?

"Cheer up, guv! There's a jeweler 'round the corner, we'll hoist 'em there!" my ever-ready yet ever-stupid accomplice said loudly.

"Shuddup! I need to think! Anyways, we need the getaway car to get away, see? And wes can't get away if the car's broke." I cuffed him on the head for good measure.

"But boss, wes can use the trains going past to hide in. ow!" I struck him again to shut him up.

I sat in silence listening to the trains going by, with my accomplice squirming next to me from any extra thumpers. I thought about how we was going to get out of this mess. It hit me.

"Hows 'bout we nab the jewelers 'round the corner- I seens it before, and den use the trains goin' past to getaway, all we need now is luck, and good timin'." I put on my grim yet-determined face.

"Yes! Yous the greatest, boss. Don' worry, we'll get'em, we'll get'em good!" my accomplice almost swooned with delight, "And in the fact that it was my idea, do you thinks I could gets a raise? Argh!" I struck him again; this was getting to be a habit, but not necessarily a bad one.

"Shuddup! Nows, come on, and remember, I wont be so forgiving if you mess this time up." I threatened him with my fist again. He only nodded shortly once then started to get out of the door.

I got out slowly and lent against the car. I tapped a young lady on the shoulder; I had no idea where this jeweler store was.

"Excuse me, miss. I was a lookin' for a jeweler's store 'round-abouts heres somewhere." I said in my most rugged and handsome voice.

"'s just on your left." she looked ready to faint.

"Thanks." I murmured in her ear and walked off leaving her to faint in the gutter.

"I gets 'em every time." I whispered under my breath.

"What was that boss? When does we start or are wes gonna rob a bakery?" my accomplice said, but seemed to be screaming to the world in my ear.

"Shuddup!" I nearly hit him before I remembered where I was. "Wes need to act natchurally, see? Otherwise, theys get suspicious, you know? Now, walks yous!"

"Sure, boss, whatever you says boss." He muttered but flinched as I rounded back on him.

"I don't wants any troubles from you, hear? If I do, you'd wish I'd killed you back ats the warehouse!" I uttered in his ear, with my soft, threatening voice. "Wes gotta get this one right or the boss'll have me, I says I won't fail, he ses I better not fails, sos I won't fail this time round."

I stalked off down the street with my puppy-like co-conspirator running in my wake. He could be such an idiot. I turned left at the next intersection and saw the shop. A nice, small, out-of-the-way place. Perfect. I slid my hands into my pocket and walked right past it into a café three doors down.

"But boss, it's back."

"Shuddup! Its too obvious, we need to gets in and outs quick with no one the wiser. Now goes order us a coupla' cappuccinos. I need to think about hows we gonna getaway."

"Right's boss, you knows best, huh?" he walked towards the counter while I took the paper out of my pocket.

I looked over the train timetable, next train in five minutes - too soon. The train after was in an hour - too late. I got up and yanked my accomplice out of the line.

"Come on, wes gotta do this now." I told him.

"Now? But boss, the coffee."

"Shuddup! We gots five minutes."


I strode purposely into the jewelers shop and up to the little man in the green apron behind the counter.

"Show us your good stuff, in the backs."

"But sir." the jeweler started.

"We'll pay cash."

The jeweler simply nodded dumbly. Cash! I can't believe this guy believed us. But then, desperate times make desperate people. I followed him into the back room. The man was already opening his safe, behind the iron door was a chest, which I immediately snatch from his hands holding a gun to his head.

"Thank you, my good man, nows, if you would be so kind as to not make a sound I'll leaves now, see? Yous tip is on the counters." Throwing the chest to my accomplice I started for the backdoor.

"You." but he got no further, I tossed a knife with a well-practiced flick of the wrist.

"I wish yous people would takes a hint, ah wells. Now, lets roll."