I pushed the doors to the shop open, an old wizened man was standing behind the corner.

"Where is the man who was here a few days ago?" I asked importantly.

"He was killed by some idiot who stole one of the most precious things in the world." The man snorted. "At least he called it the most important thing in the world."

"Is this it?" I put the chest on the counter. The old man glanced at me suspiciously.

"Yes, well, where did you get it?" his eyes narrowed.

"That's fer me to knows, not yous. What's it do?" I put a scornful look on my face. The man hurriedly shut the windows and put the 'closed' sign up.

"It shows men things. It meaning the orbs inside."

"These?" I opened the chest easily and hefted out the white orb.

"Is there a dark one too?"

"Yes. I don't like it very much."

"Nor should you. That one shows you evil things, possible and impossible things. Things men might want to strive for, like glory and power. The one you hold in your hand shows the simpler things of life. Happy times. True or not, it is the dark ones twin. In the wrong hands these could destroy anyone or anything!"

"The world?" he lifted a mocking eyebrow.

"Yes." Whispered the old man, eyes darting conspiratorially. The man seemed bonkers. "Way over his head" Roy thought, "but what he has said so far rings true."

"You must take it away, far away!" the old goat continued.

"Err, yes, thank you."

"Far away!"

"Yes, yes." Roy backed out of the door and jumped into the taxi. "Take me to the wharves, now!" Daddio's men had seen him.
* * * * *
I leapt out of the car handing the driver the money. "Keep the change and get outta here." Was all I said to him, he took my advice competently, burning the tyres on his way out. I ran down to the docks and searched for a ship.
* * * * *
Jake had caught up with me on the docks, his mouth ablaze with all of the questions he wanted to ask.

"No time to talks, Jake. Wes gotta scram." He simply nodded.

"Wants me to get the tickets?" I gave the go-ahead as he moved off.

I hid in the shadows waiting for him to come back. He came back all right; running like the devil was on his heels.

"Daddio's and Charlie's muscles are everywheres."

"Did theys see you?"

"No, and if they did, they quickly forgot." He grinned.

"Let's roll, then. Which ship?"

"The Mary Sue, of course." I rolled my eyes. Mary Sue was a favourite ship of mine and everybody knew, except for the boss' of course, they was too naïve to listen to their inferiors.

We boarded quickly and got into our cabin, staying out of sight seemed the best plan to me.

"Wheres we headed, Jake?" I asked.

"Southward, downs the Mississippi, all the ways to New Orleans."

"Good, we can hide away in Florida from there or go up to New Jersey and cruise over to Europe" I mused to myself.

"Europe. Cor! What are we gonna do there, boss?"

"We needs to get away. The box is dangerous; no one must gets their mangy hands ons it."

"Europe's a long ways away, boss. Big ocean in between. Very dirty. Not very nice people there either, I heards."

"Shuddup, Jake!" I looked out of the porthole as the ship moved away from the shore. I unwittingly put on my nostalgic-yet-determined face on. I had a job to do, it sounded weird, but by hiding away a chest, I was saving the world.
I smiled.
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