The Day My Lover Was Taken

The tower that guards my heart is a tall building.
The sea i look out on is tempestuous.
The sky i see is full of rain.
The grass i grow thrives then dies.
The hair i want to feel is red.
The skin i want to stoke is smooth.
The eyes which are reflected back to me are filled with salty tears.
The feelings i shared were beautiful.
The pain i suffer is too much.
The things i want are unatainable.
The cold chills me.
The heat freezes me.
The sun makes me want to die.
The snow and i have something in common.
The glimmer of gold and diamonds i will never see.
The wearing of white will never suit me.
The silken sand will never be under my feet.
The moon looks apon me with a somber tenderness.
The last two minutes will never cease.
The day my lover was taken will be my end.