And fear shall no longer rule them.
The mercifully saved, they will rise up
From tombs of death to meet the living Christ
The One Whose blood makes dry bones live
They shall be equipped with the Spirit of God
Through ages countless feeding on Truth, all else long dim.
Whoever loves can never be lost; their love is not
Subject to the cruel dominion of the air;
This Love forevermore will guide them.

Love, and Love alone, will dwell inside of them.
Even to life's end, where so many fade
Light will flood their paths to show the way
Darkness surrounds them no more, earth has no sway
As hard as they die, this hard they will live
Terrors fleeing them, His Hand upon them, never knowing doom,
For their God is He Who heals and restores
Throughout the realm of His strength they shine like the stars
And death will never subdue them.

Christ and His Love shall hold them
With Him life's as long as eternity,
The life they spread overflowingly will last just as long
So scores whose earthly warmth was crushed out by stone, iron or sword
Will instantly open their eyes to a new and brilliant sunrise
Where it is Love that is spinning all the day through
Making garments of mercy for all of God's beloved.
Their triumphant Shepherd leads them in an endless rejoice,
Death has lost its victory; the grave has been robbed of its voice.