Author's Notes:

This was an essay on the origin of evil. It is nothing special and nothing most have already heard, but I want to fill my account with content and I want to maybe clear up some controversy. I would like to thank ~Heart of the Sword, Needa S, and midary, for their early support of me and my works. It has been really exciting to see reviews go up so fast after one story was posted, and even more exciting to have reviews from such popular and esteemed authors. I would like any others also reading this to please read and voice your opinions. Any input is well appreciated and helpful. Thank you and enjoy.

The Origin of Evil

God did not create Evil for it states in Genesis that when he created the Heavens and the Earth he saw that it was good. But he did take the risk when he created the angels and mankind and gave them free will that they could rebel against him. Satan and a few angels did and they were driven out of Heaven to suffer in eternal torment. Satan aspired to become an equal to God but in reality he is powerless against him. Questions emerged about God's judgment: Was his decision unjust? This is a difficult question to answer but it can be explained in a way that Satan knew what the consequences were when he chose to rebel, and he cannot be forgiven after he has fallen as a man cannot be forgiven after he dies.

But why does He allow Satan to live? He does this because he also gave man free will and Satan is used as a counter balance to God's power. How would there be free will if there were no choices? All in all God wants us to freely love Him as He loves all of us.