Author's Notes:

I have deliberated over the last four months about the state of this essay. By rereading reviews given by others and rereading chapters of my own that I have written I have decided to take this essay through a major overhaul keeping everything that worked and removing all the failures from my future writing. A five-part series will end (or at least try to) all the arguments from the previous chapters and provide new content for debate. Check here soon for details.

Coming Soon

After a long vacation Origin of Evil is coming back with a brand new outlook towards the future of this essay. Be prepared for a five-part series ending the Origin of Evil as some have come to know it, and beginning (literally and figuratively) a new chapter in the religious debate. I have listened to everyone's suggestions and over the last few months have been preparing. Origin of Evil will still offer the interactive discussion many of you have participated in, but will now include the essays and topics that I have been meaning to write since chapter two. Within the coming weeks keep checking this space for the next installment of Origin of Evil.