A/N: This is the other poem that my teacher submitted to my school teacher. I think it's better than the other one, but it's not very good. Anyway, comments ar very welcome. Thank ye kindly!!


The Best Hello

Farewell my friend, Here we meet again. These endless towers, Pillars. I bid you goodbye, My best hello. Good luck on your journey, Towards where I lay. I wont be there, Or anywhere, I lost my soul as I cried.

On and on drips this polluted rain, Sweetened, bitter, pure, Sealing, unleashing constricted pain, The burden that wilts the rose. I feel it heavy, Weighing me down, And I am as that rose. Whirlwinds of laughter, Tidals of cries, And all is seen in my eyes.

Farewell my friend, We meet here again, Or maybe this is still our first. These endless towers, Pillars. A confused child, yet to learn, All the traits of the essence. Where will I run up this tower? Where will I slide down this pillar? Drenched in the river of life. I lost my soul as I cried.

Farewell my friend, We shall not meet again. This is my final goodbye, I lost my soul as I cried.