A/N: This a prayer I wrote a little while ago, and I decided to post it to let people know hoe I feel about my family being denied the chance to adopt a second child. (There are 5 kids in my family right now, if we adopted again, we would have 6 kids in our family)
God, I thought I heard Mommy crying last night.

But God, why do mommies cry?

We got a letter today,

From some business people.

They said we weren't allowed to have a little sister.

But why?

There's nothing wrong with us.

But God, why do mommies cry?

Mommy's sad God,

Can you help here please?

I want a little sister,

Just like Mommy wants another little girl

Please help our family,

Please help everyone,

Help us.

But God,

Please, especially, help Mommy.

Mommy's brave for us,

So help us be brave for her.

We love her very much.