Kayla walked out of her room and was about to go into her living room when she overheard a conversation from her father's room. The door was a little open so she peeked inside. There she saw a priest talking to her dad.

That's odd! She thought. Daddy was never a religious type of person! Curiously, she opened the door a little wider trying to listen.

"..or we would have to perish your whole family and suffer all of them to God."

"And HOW are you going to do that?" a low but stong voice asked. Her DAD!

"Soldiers of course" her father laugh.

"I am general! For sure they wouldn't kill my family nor me!

"Now there general! You sound so confident on what you just said! But don't you be so sure! I know about 20 others who would like to take your place and make themselves into a general!" the priest snickers. Then she saw her father slam his fist on the table.

"BLAST IT!!!!" her father shouted angrily. "Okay, fine! I'll go get me son to sacrifice! He ain't so loved 'round here. Just a new born baby!!," when Kayla heard that, she burst into the room and shouted,

"NOO!! NOT BABY JOHN!! TAKE ME INSTEAD!!" she looked into her father's shocked eyes with her pair of blazing ones. Then looked at the priest who was also shocked but recovered quickly. Slowly, a smile formed on his face.

"Hey there young lady"

"When's the sacrifice?!" she ignored him as she clenched her fist tightly by her side.

"Kayla! NO!" her father suddenly cut in. Kayla's head snapped to him. He looked so tired and worned out. He looked more older and weaker. It was her first time seeing him like this. Kayla always saw her father as a strong, bold, protective, and a well general like man.

"I will not let baby John die!" she said through her teeth.

"Great then! The sacrifice should be quick and fast then! We don't want the Gods to be impatient! Who knows what impatience would make the Gods do! It might make them angry! And of course when the Gods are angry, it wont' be pretty. So it's all set!" the priest said standing up, "The sacrifice would begin once the sun sets!" and then he started to walk to the door. Halfway there, Kayla's father unexpectantly said,

"Kayla's not going!" his face was impassive and cold. The priest stopped walking and turned around.

"Yes I am!" she objected. "I am old enough to judge what to do with my life! I've made a decision and no one can change it!" she said to her father. Her father gave her a cold stare that made most people tremble and back out but Kayla stood there strong and tall holding his gaze with hers.

"Kayla! What you are choosing to do with your life is ridiculous!! You are only 16!! You have much to learn and a future to make! What you are choosing right now is so silly! You are throwing away the life like it is garbage! Do you know how painful it was for your mother to give birth to you?!" her father said ready to explode.

"Well, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR MOTHER TO GIVE BIRTH TO BABY JOHN??!!" she shot back. Her father couldn't take it anymore, and so her father's hand went up and in a swift it slapped across her face. A little blood dripped in the corner of her mouth. Kayla snapped her head back up to look at her father's eyes, "I am giving my life to my brother because I love him and he is part of this family!" she said calmly as tears filled in her eyes. "And I hope one day you would too!" then she twirled around and ran out of the room passing her father, passing the priest and out of the building, leaving both of them speechless.