A small, soft glow flickered in the corner of the small bedroom, where stood a long, thin black candle. Only moments earlier the candle had been lit by pale, thin fingers with black painted nails. The same fingers that belonged to the moving body sitting on the bed, her thoughts along way away from where she really was...

"Do you think he will do it?"
Jessyka opened her eyes and looked around the room. She blinked rapidly and rubbed her eyes with her hands.
"Who will do what?" She asked, shaking her head. Her eyes came into focus and she found Rohan sitting in a chair on the other side of the room.
"Andrew." He said. "Do you think he will hire someone to kill his family?"
Jessyka shrugged. "That boy is capable of anything."
She sat on the edge of the soft quilted bed, positioned in the center of the room.
"He'd get away with it if he did it." She added; staring at the flames the candle was producing.
Rohan smiled. "Hell yes." He said. "The only thing that matters to him is Sahra and she would still love him if he did it."
"Sahra would still love his male organs you mean."
"Ah yes. Sex is always involved with everything."
"Yeah well, sex sells." Jessyka said, moving back further onto the bed. "The world just happens to be buying."
"What has the world come to?" Rohan asked, staring at Jessyka, who laughed and did not realise he was dead serious until she saw his look.
"You want an answer?" She asked, untying her black, knee length, lace up boots. Her hell fell across her eyes as she did so.
Rohan shrugged. "Why not, my love?" He stood up from the chairs and walked across to the bed, where he sat down next to her.
She smiled at him and bit her bottom lip, thinking of the words to say. He pushed the hair across her eyes behind her ear, revealing three piercings, and then kissed her softly. She smiled as he pulled away.
"Ok, my pretty." She said, pulling off her right boot, "I think the world has almost come to its end."
He continued to stare at her as she pulled off her other boot.
"And I will love you till the end." She said, searching his liquid brown eyes for answers, to put a truth to what she had just said. He looked away, and got up off the bed. She sighed and put her hands in her lap.
Rohan walked back over to the chair. His back to her, she could almost hear all his thoughts being screamed at her in her head. He turned around and opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again before any words came out.
Jessyka brought her hand down hard on the bed, making a small noise, but enough to let him know she was angry. "Damn it Rohan, why can't you say it? And why can't you hear me say it?"
He sighed, and sunk back down into the chair. He rested his elbows on his knees, his head in his hands. He slowly shook his head, and Jessyka heard small laughter.
She stood up and shook her head. "This is unbelievable." She said, walking towards him. "This is so-oo typical of you to do this, at a time like this."
"What the fucks that supposed to mean?" He snarled, staring up at her.
"Jesus fucking Christ Rohan, you know what I mean!" She shouted, feeling the tears beginning to well, again. "Whether you choose to accept it though, is a complete different story."
"This isn't a story though is it Jess?" He asked, standing up also, to be face to face with her. "It's real, and it's something we both have to deal with, but it doesn't help when you keep bringing it up every fucking minute!"
"I have dealt with it Rohan! We have this card thrown at us and I dealt with it but you still seem to be struggling to get a fucking grip on it!"
He sighed, and threw his hands up, exasperated. "There you go again, thinking I can't handle it when I-"
"When you can?" She asked hauntingly, moving closer to him. 'Is that what you were gonna say Rohan? When you can deal with it huh? You can't even fucking say I love you!"
"Maybe because I don't!" He yelled, grabbing her by the shoulders.
Jessyka swallowed loudly, her face paling, the tears breaking free. He let her go and regret filled his face. She walked backwards slowly, her hands on her stomach, tears streaming down her face. Her bottom lip quivered, her fists balled at her sides.
"You…you-you don't love me?" She asked quietly, eyes fixed on him. "I'm carrying your child and you don't fucking love me?!"
"Jess I-I didn't mean to say that."
"Sure you didn't." She replied. "Every word that has come out of your mouth has been a lie, but that, now that's a truth, and I know it. And if you can't love me then you couldn't possibly love a child that I helped create."
"No." Rohan said quietly, trying to read her expression. "Oh no Jess. Don't go there. I want this child, & I want you too."
Jessyka sat down on the edge of the bed once again. She sighed and shook her head. "I was so stupid to think that this could work out, that we could really be a family, that this child would be brought up properly, our child." She paused. "But he never would be, would he? He would end up on the streets, he would die with a needle in his arm, in the gutter. Or she would live off her prostitution, and end up taking her own life." She smiled. "Yep that'd be it. Am I right Rohan? Am I right?"
"No!" He yelled. "No Jess, baby, no! We can do this. We'll do it right, we'll take parenting classes, we'll talk to people, we'll get jobs, we'll find a way, fight our way through this."
"But the wars already over." She said sadly, looking down at her hands in her lap. "And we lost."
"What does that mean?" Rohan asked, panic in his voice.
"I'm having an abortion." Jessyka said bluntly.
"Oh no. No. You can't do that. You can't take my child away from me!"
"It's an unborn child Rohan, and it's not yours, it's inside me, I'm the one carrying the fucking thing!" She screamed at him, jumping up from the bed.
There were a few moments of stunned silence. "Look at me Rohan. Just look. Do I look like I'm ready to be a Mother? Do I?" She sighed. "Fuck no. It'll be better if we put an end to his or her life now, before they come into this dying world, before they get a chance to suffer."
"Ok." Rohan said. "Ok. You can kill the baby"
For the first time in ages Jessyka smiled, just a little. "Really?"
"Yes. Really." He smiled and walked towards her, arms outstretched.
She hugged him, for another first felt a warm rush of happiness run through her. He nuzzled through her hair to find her ear. "On one condition." He whispered, then pulled away from her embrace.
"What?" She asked quizically.
Rohan smiled, the last, beautiful smile she would ever witness. "I get to kill the baby."
Jessyka's eyes opened wide and nothing could prepare her for the feeling of the knife plunging deep into her stomach. Not just anywhere, but spot on into her navel. She gasped, and fell backwards, hard onto the cold floor. She felt the knife being pulled out of her, then back into her repeatedly, again and again, until she could no longer feel anything, until she was no longer alive, no longer breathing.

A small, soft glow flickered in the corner of the small bedroom, where stood a short, thin black candle. An hour earlier the candle had been lit by pale, thin fingers with black painted nails. The same fingers that belonged to the unmoving body laying on the cold hard floor, with a rose pinned to her heart, the rose the same colour as the blood on her, and on the floor. The same blood that was dripping from the words I LOVED YOU TILL THE END, hand-written cruelly on the paper thin walls...