By:Andrew Troy Keller

George Roddenberry was a lonely guy who works day after day at a computer store and wishing for something to help him find that special someone.
Surprisingly enough,on Friday,April 11th,George was riding an RTA bus to work and feeling as blue as usual,until he had lowered his head and spotted a piece of paper on the floor.
After he had picked it up,George had opened it up and discovered it to be a love note from a woman named Donna.
At that moment,he had just realized that she might be the one he was waiting for.
But in order to make sure,George had decided to take the note back to the address on the note--213 Apple Drive.
And so,right after work,George had rode another RTA bus to 213 Apple Drive and knocked on the door.
After the door had opened,George was surprised to discover a beautiful young woman standing in front of him.
"Hello.",said the young woman."Can I help you with something?"
"Are you Donna?",asked a curious George.
"Yes,I'm Donna.",answered an also curious Donna."Why do you ask?"
Just then,George had handed the note to Donna and said,"I've found this on a RTA bus this morning."
After she had opened the note,Donna had looked at George,let out a smile and said,"I was hoping when someone like you would find this.You see,I've been alone for way too long and I wasn't able to take it anymore."
"Now I get it.".said an understanding George."That's why you had left the note on the bus.You were going through the same thing that I've been going through."
"You were also lonely?",asked a curious Donna.
"Yes,I was.",answered a smiling George."Before I've met you."
And then,after she had let out a small giggle,Donna had moved away from the doorway and asked,"Do you want to come in?"
And after a short pause,George had smiled and answered,"Sure.I would love to."
After he had entered the house and she had closed the door,Donna had walked over to George and they had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
A few minutes later,after they had moved themselves into the bedroom and removed all of their clothes,both George and Donna had placed their bare bodies on the bed and started to have the most erotic night of their lives.
The next day,after they had woken up and looked at each other,Donna had smiled and said,"Hi."
And after he had let out a smile,George said,"Hi."
"You want some breakfast?",asked Donna,after she had gotten out of bed and put on a robe.
"Well actually,Donna.",answered George,after he had gotten out of bed and walked over to Donna."I was wondering if you'll allow me to take you out for breakfast."
And then,after a short pause,Donna had wrapped her arms around George and said,"I think that'll be great.",before giving him a hug and a kiss.
And so,after they had finished having breakfast at a local McDonald's,both Donna and George had walked hand in hand down the street,until they had reached a jewlery store and looked at the stunning diamond ring in the window.
"If you were to ask me.",said George,while pointing at the ring."I do believe this means that we should get married."
After she had looked at George and let out a big smile,a wide eyed Donna said,"I would love to."
And then,a month later,George Roddenberry had married Donna Griffin--and had decided to move to Pittsburgh to start a new life together.
So,if you ever feel like you've been lonely for way too long,you might want to go to Pittsburgh and check out a new video arcade known as THE OMEGA STATION,where both George and Donna are owners.
After a few rounds of Space Invaders or whatever,they might be able to tell you how they've been so far.
Speaking of THE OMEGA STATION,I think I'll go over there and play a few rounds of Pac-Man,before going over to Mickey Dee's and have a Big Mac Extra Value Meal for lunch.
Thanks for stopping by and hope all your days are better ones.