It is the year 2045. War is ravaging the earth. In 2037 the UN split up and by 2038 the two parts had declared war. On one side the major powers were the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, Canada and Germany. On the other it is France, Italy, Japan, China, Spain and Russia. It is World War III in an unimaginable way. Projectile weapons are becoming obsolete. Space warfare is beggining. The FIRs(France, Italy, Japan, China, Spain and Russia) have stations on the moon while the GUGs(U.S., Great Britain, Australia, Canada and Germany) have stations on Mars. There are regular attacks on these stations. Ground forces are landed and sent forward while the snubfighters take strafing runs. It is a never ending cycle.

I could see the FIR shockmen advancing towards me. They had no clue I was here. All they knew was that there was a hill here and it was in the middle of their advance on Jokfan, the main station on Mars. I leveled my MV720 sniper laser at them. I brought one into my sights. I waited one moment and then slowly squeezed the trigger. A red bolt shot out of my MV720 but since it was going faster than the eye could see, I only knew it was red because that was what I have been told. The man slowly fell to the ground. I began firing as fast as I could acquire a target. All around me other snipers from the Gilspan sniper squad were firing. With the age of technology, sniping had become much easier. Shockmen needed space suits in order to survive while attacking bases like Jokfan and that meant a hit anywhere would leave them exposed to the vacuum of space. The other major advantage of sniping in this age was because it was energy they were firing, they could carry a lot more so a miss would not be nearly as costly. I had taken about 20 of them out of the fight and from the looks of it around half of their 3,000 men were out. This attack would have succeeded, and I hate to think that, because they were attacking the bases blindspot. However, the CBGI (Central Bureau of GUG Intelligence) had uncovered information about the attack and that was the only reason the Gilspan Squad was even on Mars. We had previously been part of the group defending North America, which was all GUG, from FIR attacks. I had no clue what kind of shape NA was in now. It might have been taken at this point. The FIRs started to retreat. It would be interesting to see if Blackmoon squad had had as much luck in fighting off the FIR Kiops (The FIRs snubfighters). Ok, Ok. I know what you're thinking. I've been telling you all of this and you probably don't understand any of it. Let me explain. You already know what FIRs and GUGs are. Shockmen are the modern infantryman. They are normally armed with UBL assualt lasers. Jokfan is a major settlement on Mars. It is the largest as well and was built 20 years ago by the U.S. MV720 sniper lasers are the most advanced type of sniper weapon. Invented just 5 months ago, one power pack is able to hold enough power for 400 shots. However, the barrel sometimes superheated if you didn't give it time to cool down. These are all lasers. Projectile weapons are antiques. The Gilspan sniper squad is the elite of the elite when it comes to sniping. A squad is a group of men numbering around 200 for snipers and vary's for all other forms of soldiers. The CBGI is the Central Bureau of GUG Intelligence. It is the equivlant of the U.S.'s FBI which broke up years ago. Blackmoon squad is an anti air squad. They use Hewlett anti tank guns to fight off the FIR Kiops. Kiops are a basic starfighter. If you can remember back to around the turn of the millenium when their was this thing, uhhhh, I forget what it was called. Give me a sec to think of it.....That's it! Star Wars. They're like the Tie fighters from Star Wars. The GUG equivlant is the Packard. It is like the X-wing from Star Wars. That's about all their is in the way of military terms you civilian people wouldn't know. Well, Gilspan Squad was done here so we started back to base.

I started hearing my commander, Colonel Fredrick, yelling the names of people and then talking to them in a lower tone then I could here. After about 40 he called my name.


"Yes, Sir?"

"How many confirmed kills did you have?"

"37, Sir."

"Very impressive, Lieutenant. Highest number so far. How many shots did you fire?"

"38, Sir." After I said this the Colonel just stared at me in disbelief. He quickly recovered himself.

"Lieutenant, if you lie one more time, I will have you court-martialed."

It was my turn to stare at him in disbelief. "Sir, I'm not lying. I would swear upon everything I hold sacred that I am not lying. I fired 38 shots and had 37 confirmed kills. What part of that can you not understand?"

"The 38 to 37 ratio. No one has ever gotten that ratio even at a firing range. To have done it in battle field conditions isn't physically possible."

"Sir, I am a United States soldier. I would never lie."

After a moment he said, "If you say so Hamner, I'll believe you. SMITH!" He continued on his rounds.

I got back to base and went to find out the damage the Kiops had inflicted from my friend, John Hark, who is in Blackmoon squad.

"Hey, Hark!" I yell.

"Sup, Hamner?" he responded.

"Oh, nothing much. You know the usual. Go out in the morning, kill 37 FIRs with 38 shots and then come back to base for an evening of gloating over my best friend."

"OMG! Are you trying to tell me that you had a 37:38 kill ratio. I don't know what your smoking but if you think that's the usual it must be some pretty powerful stuff."

"I just had a good day. How'd you do?"

"Got 3 Kiops. Not bad, but not great."

"What kind of damage were they able to do?"

Hark laughed, "If you think they can do any real damage, your crazy. They only got 6 of our 217 Hewletts and destroyed 5 rooms in a Barracks." Upon seeing the worried look on my face he quickly added, "Your room wasn't among them."


"What were your casualties like?"

"3 dead, none captured." If your wondering why I don't mention wounded it's because with the suits there are no wounds. Death or capture are the only 2 possibilities.

"Sounds like you got off easy."


"Unfortunatly, Blackmoon is getting called to North America. The CBGI has uncovered evidence that the FIRs are getting ready to invade it. Gilspan is coming with us. That means that we might be about to suffer a lot more casualties than we did here. But I'm ready for it. How about you. Are you ready?"

"Sure as hell I'm ready. If we're able to stop them in North America, it might be the final straw and we might all get to go home. Hell, I know I want to see my wife and 2 kids real bad. Let's go."