The memory of your voice
The rememberance of your arms
haunts my every memory
The thought of your charms

The angry words we spoke
before you left that day
You left without a kiss goodbye
My heart full of dismay

Resentment filled my heart
and wrath filled my soul
but deep down I still knew
I loved without control

Then the phone call came
My heart began to race
they said that you were on that plane
that disappeared without a trace

I lay now at your grave
Waiting for tears to come
hollow and empty I am inside
What have I become?

Every night I think of you
I am in disgrace
The memory of your sweet kisses
and your strong embrace

Would it have been different?
If I had appologized that day
would you have left me
If my love I could convey

If only I had one moment
To tell you how I feel
just one fleeting, brief instant
My love I would reveal