By:Andrew Troy Keller

Mike always goes to the sight
Where it would suit his artistic soul just right.
But that was before he had met a pretty
Lady by the name of Kitty
Stromwell,who was at the time a lady of the night.

She was as charming as Hell--
And that much he was able to tell,
For he had walked over
To where she was standing with her
Best friend and asked,"Are you Kitty Stromwell?"

"Yes,I am.",answered a surprised Kitty.
"It's been a long time,Kitty.",
Said a smiling Mike.
"You might not remember me.It's Mike."
Just then,a smile had appeared on the face of Kitty.

She was so happy to see him again,
That she had ordered a shot of gin
For her old high school sweetheart.
For many years,they have been worlds apart.
They had agreed to never be apart again.

For they had agreed
To get married.
Of course,that meant that she was no longer a lady of the night.
But as long as his artistic soul stays just right,
Then Kitty and Mike wouldn't mind being married.

As for his art,he had finished a piece
which was entitled,'The Naked Fleece'.
It had became part of a show
Which was being held inside the Strow
Galleries on the corner of Riverside and Cleese.

They both had became known
As the 'darlings of the artistic zone'
By Artists Monthly magazine.
And as far as anyone had seen,
Mike loves Kitty.