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"You know, to be honest with everyone, I've always wanted to fuck Jaymini." Jaymini lifted her head slowly to meet the eyes of the four other people in the room who sat staring back at her with her same slowness.  Running her eyes over the small group, her eyes landed on Andrew, the man that had made the voice belonging to the statement.  She lifted her arm slowly, bringing the half blown blunt that sat nestled between her thumb and fore finger to her mouth, only to suck gently on the other end before she passed it on, coughing slightly.

"Var you guystalking aboutme?" Jaymini's words slurred heavily together as she picked up the small plastic red cup standing before her.

"Dude, she's high as fuck," Greg, another man, said, laughing as he took the blunt quickly.  "Listen man, I have to go soon, alright?" He placed the blunt on his lips, puffing quietly as he closed his eyes, his body rocking back and forth gently.

"You want me to drive you home?" Danielle asked, taking a small swig of the water in her bottle.  Greg glanced at her, nodding his head gently. 

"Okay," she stood up, heading towards her purse.  "Hey you guys," she paused, waiting for Andrew and Jaymini's attention.  They raised their heads slowly, the eyes still being half closed.  "I'm gonna take Andrew home, okay?" Danielle paused, pushing the straps of her purse onto her shoulders.  "I'll be back in awhile," she glanced at the two before grabbing her small ring of keys and heading for the small apartments' door. 

Greg pulled himself up sluggishly, turning to point his slinky finger at Andrew.  "You don't wanna mess with that chick," Greg smiled, hooking his thumbs into his bell straps, shifting them up a degree on his hips.  "That's an only women allowed body," the two chuckled together.

"Yeah man, you're right there," Andrew handed the dying blunt to Jaymini, who received it slowly, bringing it back to her lips. 

"Alright," Greg pulled down on the trail of his shirt, bringing his hands up to run through his course hair.  "Let's go," he walked over towards the door where Danielle was waiting.  "Thanks, baby," he leaned over slowly, kissing the middle of her small forehead.  She passed him a smile before opening door.

"You two kids have fun," Greg called over his shoulder, following Danielle out the door.

Jaymini nodded her head in agreement to the statement, holding the blunt up to her lips slowly.  The two continued to pass the cig between themselves in silence, each thinking their own thoughts.  Taking the small square of smoldering weed left, Jaymini looked up, her tired eyes finding Greg's pale face.  "You know," she paused, blinking her eyes as she realized her high was slowly wearing off.  "I have had experience with a man before, so I'm not just left strictly to women."  She sighed heavily, stretching her arm out towards the small glass ashtray seated between her and Andrew.  Pressing on the end of the blunt, she grinded it down along with the ashes from their previous smoke before she sat up slowly, exhaling heavily.  "Anyway," she brought her hands up to her long black hair, raking her fingernails through down to her scalp.  "I need a ride home," Jaymini rolled up onto her knees, running her hands over her thighs.

"Danielle's the only one that can take us," Andrew mumbled, turning himself to the side as he laid back, arching his knees as he blew the drug out in vapors through the small slit in his parted lips.

"I know…I have exams in one of my classes in two days and I need to talk to my professor in the morning…" Jaymini continued on to herself, biting her lips as she thought.  "Man, I'm gonna have to give this shit up one of these days."

Andrew turned his head to stare at Jaymini.  "What?  Smoking weed?" He let his hands rest on his stomach as he watched her run her hands through her hair once again, nodding slowly.  "What for?  As long as you're passing your classes, you're okay, right?"

"Yeah," she sighed, her eyes searching along the ground, "but my parents are paying for this private college because they know its been a dream of mine…" She looked at Andrew.  "I just owe it to them man, I don't feel like fuckin' up.  Besides," she stood slowly, stretching her arms and legs, "I need to make something of myself, you know, make 'em proud." She smiled, flipping her hair over her shoulders before she walked over to the chair positioned on the left side of the room.  "Anyway, I think I'm getting too old for this."

Andrew sat up, nodding.  "Yeah sure whatever, hey um," he stood, walking over to the chair opposite Jaymini's, "I was thinkin' about goin' to see one of my professor's to, durin' their prep hour.  You think you can give me a ride?" He sat down in the chair heavily, his eyes never leaving her face.

"Sure," she leaned back in her chair, stretching her legs out beneath her, "but I was going to go early, while they were setting up their next class." Jaymini paused, going over her made plans in her head, "You think you can be ready at six?"

"Damn, that's early—but I can do it," Andrew quickly reassured.  She then nodded in agreement.

"Fine then, it's settled, I'll be over at your house at six no later than six thirty.  I'll honk twice, then I'm gone, 'kay?" Greg nodded, sitting back in his chair as well.

"Where is everybody?"  The two quickly turned their heads to towards the hallway, only to sigh once they realized who had spoken.

"Oh Angel, you scared th' hell outta me," Andrew mumbled, glaring somewhat as the small woman made her way over to where they sat. 

"Sorry…" she sat down on the couch pressed against the wall, looking out at the Jaymini and Andrew.  "So, have I been asleep that long?"

"Yeah, you passed out after the first blunt," Jaymini turned to Andrew.  "True signs of an amateur."

"Yeah man, that's what I'm talkin' about," Andrew leaned forward quickly, reaching his balled fist out to strike Jaymini's, who was doing the same thing.  They knocked their fist together playfully before turning back to Angel.

"Yeah well, Danielle should be back in awhile, she left to take Andrew home," Jaymini said, leaning back in her chair as she had been before. 

"It's alright, fine by me," Angel glanced at Andrew, before twisting herself around in the couch to pick up her backpack leaning against the side.  "Hey guys, I gotta ask you a few questions."

"Shoot," they both said, not even bothering to glance her direction.

"I have this literature essay due in class Monday and for it, I need a couple of student quotes," Angel unzipped her bag quickly, pulling a black book from within it's confines.

"Man Angie, I suck at giving quotes, can't you just go on the Internet and get some?" Andrew asked lazily, scratching his crotch as he leaned back further in his chair, squeezing his eyes shut.

"If I needed quotes from the Internet, I would have gotten them from there," Angel said firmly, glaring slightly at him before she continued.  "Anyway, the report was supposed to be on a religion we knew nothing about."

"Can you skip to the good part?" Jaymini asked; her eyes still remained closed.

"Okay.  Well, you all know I'm a Christian, right?  Well, I wanted to explore just the opposite." There was silence.

"Okay, and?"

"Well, my religion is Satanism."