In Hell the Angels Cry

A dark cloud washes over the night,

thoughts of horror and dreams of lust

float through the thoughts of men.

As the dark figure floats through the night

screams follow round.

The dark one, as he has been aptly named,

floats through the streets,

towards unexpecting prey he lurches.

As he reaches his prey, the "red-headed girl",

the one to end it all.

This one will be perfect he thinks,

this will be the perfect kill.

As he raises his knife, slices through the soft cloth

a muffled scream is heard,

yet ignored in a neighborhood where one lives solely by minding one's business.

As the dark one does his dirty deed,

rape, torture, and death,

the girl continues to squirm.

Making it worth his while.

In hell the angels cry.

In another street, on the other side of the world,

the dragon floats through the sky,

watching the sky below,

a household he sees.

A happy little family on first glance,

beautiful wife, hard working husband, sweet little son.

But on a second look it notices the scars and bruises

that lines the faces of the son and wife,

and the empty bottles thrown about

by the husband in a drunken fury.

As the husband once again beats his woman,

she cries out.

One last time, for this is the worst,

this is the last time he'll ever have a chance to beat her,

for even now she fades in heaven.

In hell the angels cry.

In the world of darkness our tale next travels to,

to a vampyre and her slave.

The vampyre draws her blood,

as the slave cries out.

But on our second glance we see something different,

the slave cries out in joy, in happiness, in bliss.

The vampyre will feed,

yet never hurt.

Why is it that one of the darkest creatures of the night,

is nicer than humans, the creature of the day?

In hell the angels cry.

In hell the angels cry,

for life on earth is hellish.

The angels on earth our sometimes our darkest fears.

Yet when we're in need the darkest will come,

yet the light may not.

Which is sweeter?

The one that is always there for you,

or the one that disappears?