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I am truly sorry if this offends you. It's not meant to. I am just voicing my opinion, and I certainly wouldn't overreact should you choose to tell everyone yours. I am not looking for answers. Please don't try to give me them. Once again, please don't get offended.


A major belief of Christians, is that God knows everything, created everything and has a plan for each one of us. Satan was originally an angel, but he fucked up, by trying to become bigger than God. So God banished him to Hell- or, in effect, gave him his own "Heaven" to rule. Apparently, Satan's plan is to lure us away from Heaven and into Hell.

3 little points I have noticed about the above sentences...
1.) God created everything, then surely He must have created Satan. You can't contradict this by saying that God creates no evil, because Lucifer wasn't evil to begin with.
2.) If God knows everything, then He must have known that Satan was going to rebel eventually. So why did He let it happen? I've been presented with the argument that without evil, we wouldn't be able to appreciate good things. But what about the garden of Eden, the paradise God made for Adam and Eve to live in? If they had passed the test and not allowed themselves to be tempted, God would have let them stay there, and they wouldn't ever have seen any evil. Surely God can't get things wrong? So what was all that about?
3.) About God's little plan... the entire universe, so I'm told, is all involved in God's "perfect" plan. So Satan must be too. And I can't bring myself to believe that a perfect God with a perfect, flawless plan would allow evil to be so rife in it. You only have to take a quick look around to realise how broken our world is. If this is part of God's flawless plan, I would hate to see His flawed one!

God has allegedly given us all free will. This means that we can choose whether or not we accept Him and do the right thing. So all the people who go to Hell because they're not Christians deserve to be there for not choosing God. Our creator is "just" and so is this law. Sorry, but I just can't understand this. It's just impossible to get my head around it... but I'll try. I've broken it down into questions, or points, which I have answered to the best of my understanding, in this confused state of mind I'm in.

1.) God gave us the free will Christians all seem so chuffed about, so we make our own decisions. Therefore, the consequences are entirely our fault.
That seems reasonable enough, but because of the Master's plan and the fact that He knows everything, didn't the thought ever occur to anyone that this means we don't actually have free will? You see, if He has already planned everything and knows everything, then He knows whether or not we will choose Him and whether or not we will do the right things or the wrong ones. Surely, it must be part of His plan? Otherwise, He obviously doesn't have control over everything and He's not the almighty God His followers claim He is. And I don't particularly want to worship a God who is not really as powerful as His people claim. Nor do I want to worship a God who's plan involves us making all the wrong choices and being sent to Hell for it. Due to this, I find it plain to see that free will doesn't really exist in Christianity. And probably not in any religion for that matter.

2.) Unbelievers go to Hell, simply for not believing.
I find this unjust, brutal and morbid. There are so many good people in this world who are just not Christians, and according to the Bible, they are all burning for eternity simply for not knowing Jesus. Think of it this way. Eternity is forever and ever. When we die, it says in the Bible that we will either spend forever in Heaven or in Hell. In Hell, we will be burnt and tortured, and this isn't just according to the bloodthirsty Old Testament. In the happy-Jesus-times, Hell still hurts, and an example of this is Luke 16:22-24. If God loves us all so much, why are our chances to gain salvation cut short into our few measly years on earth? If He really wanted us all to turn to Him, why doesn't He give us slightly longer out of the eternity we allegedly have with Him in order to ensure more of us end up dancing forever in Heaven and less of us end up burning forever in Hell? One of my favourite websites I have recently discovered puts it brilliantly. "What would you think of a father who said to his child, "Love me by the time you are six, or I will bake you in the oven." In this case, the parent gives the child a choice, but what kind of choice is it?" This also brings me back to the whole free will thing. Unless we do what God wants, even if He fails to tell us what that is, we get tortured by Satan for all eternity. And in case you hadn't noticed, that's actually a heck of a long time. And it does actually say ETERNAL punishment. Not for a few years before Satan gets bored of torturing you and moves on to someone else… Matthew 25:46 says that fire will never stop. Blatantly, that's just going to scare a lot of people into accepting Jesus just to escape going to Hell.

3.) God gave us free will so that we could choose to love Him. If He forced us to, we would simply be robots, and God doesn't want that. He wants us to love Him truthfully, through our own choice not His, because that is real love.
I couldn't agree more with this. However, what about Heaven? It says in the Bible (haven't found the reference yet) that sin cannot exist in Heaven. Therefore, neither can free will, because sin cannot exist without free will. Therefore, in Heaven, do we become these mindless robots which God doesn't want us to be? Or does sin actually exist in Heaven? If Heaven is perfect, then sin would spoil this perfection. Oh, hold on. Back to the earlier point about Satan. He was kicked out of Heaven for sinning against God. Therefore, sin must be allowed in Heaven, right? So what's to stop us sinning once we get there? And if we do, what happens to us? Do we get kicked out into Hell like Satan did, or do we get forgiven? Heaven is a mystery. And I guess we won't know until we get there. Unless we're not Christian, in which case, we will just burn in Hell for all eternity. What a lovely thought!

4.) Jesus loves you! Or does He? A quick look at Jesus' so-called ultimate sacrifice for those who may not quite understand it the way they should!
Read the Old Testament. You are almost sure to open it on a page where God is getting revenge in His people, or killing entire nations for one man's sin. Then in the NT, everything changes. Jesus appears and suddenly He and God start talking about peace and love and kindness… doesn't quite add up. It says in several places in the Bible, e.g. Revelation 11:27, that God never changes. So if He was vengeful then, as He is in Isaiah 66:24, then surely, if He never changes then He must still be nasty and cruel now. And I don't want to worship a God who is so interchanging. And Jesus died so that God didn't have to roast us all. Well, then why didn't He just NOT roast us? It's not that difficult to do, and what with Him being God and everything, it wouldn't exactly have been very hard to do. Therefore, Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of the world is pretty pointless. Especially as He rose again 3 days later- that's hardly the ultimate sacrifice! I would die for the sins of the world if I knew that 3 days later I would be alive again! Jesus died for us. But obviously He didn't consider humankind important enough for Him to stay dead for us. What a shame.

So there we have it, a few of the biggest reasons why Christianity has become unattractive to me. God seems kind of barbaric, letting His children who He loves be tortured forever simply for not having the only thing He can give them. There are too many unanswered questions, too many contradictions. So I'm going to find myself a religion where the God doesn't punish, and the people aren't hypocrites.